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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Couldn’t Stand It Anymore

Being stuck in one place has been getting to us.  As much as we like being close to the boys, we needed a chance of scenery.  As good as campfires are,


and as good as S’mores taste,



sometimes it’s good to move on.

I really wasn’t sure if the Journey’s engine would even start, let alone if the wheels would roll.  But it fired right up and felt like it, too wanted to move.

First I had to stop at Tractor Supply Company. 


I needed to fill the Journey’s propane tank, it was getting pretty low.


And this is why I stopped there.


Next we hooked up the car to the Journey, I even remembered how to do it correctly, but I double and triple checked myself before rolling.


Of course as we traveled down the highway, we hit drenching rain.  So much for my nice, clean motorhome and shiny wheels.


Despite the rainstorms, the Journey ran like a top.  I got the best mpg ever since we bought it: 9.1 mpg.  That is amazing, figuring that usually I see only 7.5 to (if I’m lucky) 8 mpg.  I guess no wind and nice smooth flat roads had a lot to do with it.

So where did we go?  Could this be a hint?


Nope, not New Orleans, but for some reason, they sell this here:


Charleston, South Carolina.  The city market.  Lots of vendors selling all kinds of expensive (really expensive) items, from hand woven baskets,



to all kinds of prints, trinkets and souvenirs.


We spent the afternoon walking and driving around sightseeing.



We’re staying for a few days at the Charleston Air Force Base FamCamp.  It is really nice, full hook ups/50 amp campground for $20/night.

We were escorted to our site by the Camp Host, who took great care of us.


We’re enjoying the change of pace and change of scenery.  Sort of a vacation from staying in one place so long.  We’ll make the most of it.  :c)


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  1. Have you seen the Angel Oak Tree near Charleston. If not, you have to look it up and go see it. Amazing!

  2. Always nice to get those big wheels rolling. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. 'bout time you got a change of scenery, hope it helped. By the way, why didn't we see a picture of you or Marti with marshmallow on your face?

  4. We paid $3.29 for propane up here. Made me want to cry. Glad you were able to get out and gone for a few days. Those are neat looking baskets.

  5. We usually get restless after 2-3 weeks. How long have you been in one place? After our tour of Alaska we are so ready to sit in one place for a while. Some place warm and beachy.

  6. Glad to see you rolling again. We're going to *try* and roll tomorrow morning (fingers crossed). I have never tasted a beignet but I sure want to!

  7. Oh, Can I EVER relate! Visiting with family is wonderful, BUT... getting on the road again feels SO good! Happy travels!

  8. Glad everything went smoothly for you. I think it's a great idea to get out for a week or so to other spots in your new adopted states. What about a run to Huntington Beach or Hunting Island State Park? I'm having sticker SHOCK over that propane price. We JUST paid $2.99 and though that was a bargain since we'd been seeing $3.99.

  9. Good for you, Paul, great to see you and Marti heading for those Beignets!

    Charleston is a beautiful city, I hear, and full of history so I hope you'll take lots of photos while your there and share them with us.

  10. A change of scenery is always good. Looking forward to visiting Charleston ourselves one day.

  11. enjoy your change of scenery!! love those 'bowls'!!!

  12. Glad to see you didn't overdo your travel day ;) Enjoy your vacation!

  13. I know what you mean wondering if the Journey would start. I always breathe a sigh of relief when ours starts and another when the slides retract.

    Enjoy Charleston. We enjoyed visiting The Citadel.

  14. Love the Charleston area!!! We lived on Isle of Palms for several years. The price of thos Sweet Grass Baskets is astonishing, but they truly are works of art!!

    Just glad to see you rolling and out enjoying some traveling. Really glad the Journey seemed ready to roll as well:o))

  15. I just love Charleston- Great food. My favorite is "North of Broad".

  16. I certainly understand about needing to go when you've been stuck a lot. Our hitch itches a lot when we stay put. Anyway, we all need a vacation! Glad you finally got to take one. I bet the boys are counting the days now until you return.

  17. Just don't tell me that upon arrival you started polishing your wheels again! ;)

  18. We enjoyed Charleston very much. . .the view of the harbor and the city from the restaurant at the Holiday Inn was really great. . .and for some reason I had a 1/2 off coupon, which made the buffet taste even better. . .enjoy!

    The Gray Line City Tour was great too. . .

  19. One place that is on our list for a long stay. Glad you got to get out for awhile :) Propane here in Oregon, down the road, is $1.89 :)

  20. Charleston is a lovely area! We went to Shem Creek last time we were there (April)'s a good place to kayak. Enjoy your days

  21. Good to see that you guys were able to move a short distance again. Isn't it amazing how quickly you can forget how to do the small things when you haven't done them in a bit.
    Good price on propane. Currently $2.39 where we are now.

  22. I'm glad you got to get out a bit. I love Charleston. Have fun!

  23. Had Charleston AFB on our to-stay list this year ... but then things changed. Glad to see you had a chance to get away ... even if it did mean driving in the rain. We spent a weekend in Charleston many years ago and really enjoyed ourselves.

  24. Great price on propane! Glad the coach is getting some exercise :)

  25. I'm glad you got those "big wheels rolling" and are on to new adventures.

    I have to admit I did drool a bit over the thought of Cafe de Monde beignets and coffee! ;-)