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Monday, August 26, 2013

More Charleston, SC

Along with being a breathtakingly beautiful city, Charleston is dripping with history.

The streets are lined with beautiful trees and shrubbery.



Along the streets are sites of American history, like this building that held three of the signers of the Declaration of Independence prisoner during the Revolutionary War, after they had been captured by the British.  They were held in cells in the basement.


This street is the last surviving street that was paved with ballast stones from British ships that carried trade with Charleston before the Revolution.  The stones were loaded into the ships in England to give them stability as they sailed across the Atlantic.  Upon arrival in Charleston, they were dumped off and the ship’s holds were filled with trade goods like lumber, cotton and tobacco for the return voyage.  Not to waste free building materials, the streets were paved with the ballast stones.


At the southern end of Charleston is the Battery.  It is covered with beautiful live oaks.


It is also where some of the first shots of the Civil War were fired on Fort Sumter, out in the harbor.


Sorry I couldn’t get a great picture, but that is Fort Sumter our in the distance.  You can take a boat out to visit the fort, something I’ll do with the grandsons one of these days.


The railing in the above picture is part of a walkway that was constructed in the mid 1800’s and still used today.


It was constructed exactly two hoop skirts wide, so ladies of that time could walk side by side in their 40lbs plus hoop skirts and talk while they walked.


Charleston had seen its fair share of disasters, from Union Naval bombardments during the Civil War, to tornadoes and earthquakes.  In recent times, it was hit by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, which caused widespread devastation.  A famous painting of the waterfront homes can be seen all over the city.


The market, about 1/4 mile inland was hit hard by Hugo.


The white marks on the bricks show the height the water was during the storm.


Even today, it still gets periodically flooded by storm surges.  Note the green growth on the bricks.  It was flooded just three weeks ago.


I’m not usually a fan of food pictures, but at Henry’s Grill at the market had a Pimento Cheese Bacon Burger that was guaranteed to sink you in a storm.  Nope, now way could I have finished all that!


Even the “lighter” fare Cobb Salads were enough to weigh you down!


Good thing there are plenty of scenic places around Charleston to walk off food like that!

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  1. Charleston seemed like a place we could live. We liked the city and wouldn't say no to a return visit.

  2. That is interesting about the walkway being two hoops wide. Cool :)

  3. Love the two hoops info as well as the signers in prison and ballast streets. Thanks for the education. I also loved Charleston, such a beautiful and dare I say elegent little city. And tough as nails to withstand so much repeated water damage. Although as a southerner for over 2/3rds of my life and a lover of nearly all things southern, I do have to laugh at the term "War of Yankee Agression" when it was the south that fired those first shots at Fort Sumter.

  4. The Fort Sumter trip is well worth it - a wonderful experience!

  5. Cool stuff. I'm surprised you haven't had a bout of PDD just yet. Must be all those serene surroundings.

  6. The boys will have a great time out at the Fort. At least Jim did. He loves cannons.

  7. Interesting tidbit about the hoop skirts. We love food pictures, and that bacon cheeseburger looks awesome!

  8. I bet you've been running around like crazy taking in all that stuff. The more you eat, the more you'll want to eat. I know. However, I like food pictures. I've even come to believe that we gain weight just by looking at them.

  9. Thanks for a great tour of Charleston and the history lesson to go with it.

    Also, I'm a big fan of food pics - especially that terrific looking burger I'm sure you ate!

  10. Thanks the Charleston tour, and the great food pictures monster meals they are.

  11. You captured the charm of Charleston. Need to get back and walk The Battery and The City...maybe this fall:o)) Not sure I could handle that burger;o)

  12. I am anticipating my first trip to Charleston. Thanks for the info and the food picture :) I'll have to plan walks around that stop :)

  13. We spent some time there last summer and really enjoyed it. I think you got more history out of the city than we did though.