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Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Thoughts

Here we sit at our South Carolina “home” on a rainy day pondering the future.

The biggest thing on our minds is our immediate future travels.  We’ve been tossing about some ideas, should we pull out the end of August and zip down to Jacksonville, Florida for the Labor Day weekend?  My buddy, Ron, my partner in my law enforcement days, is taking his new RV to an RV resort for the weekend.  It would be nice to see him and his wife, Amy.


But then we’d have to zip back to SC because Marti has a follow up appointment on September 5th from her cataract surgery and I have an appointment with the VA on the 10th.

We’d like to roll after my appointment to visit our son Ryan in his new home in  Missouri for a week in September, but first swing by our neighbor at our former home in Virginia and pick up our family heirloom piano she’s been holding for us.  Rent a U-Haul trailer and tow the piano to MO to Ryan’s house so our granddaughters can start to learn how to play it.  Marti would follow me in our car while I tow the trailer in the Journey.

Then return to SC and start our workamping position at the Strom Thurmond Corps Of Engineers campground.  We hope to be there for October, November and December, but we have not heard back yet if we’ve been accepted.  This workamping gig would give us a new experience and keep me close enough to the VA (hour and a half) for any follow up appointments that may come along (or not).  We still will be going to the Carolina Clan gathering in Huntington Beach SP, SC the last week in October.

We’re hoping to head west after the first of the year for a couple of months, then back to NJ for a mid March wedding for a niece (how dare she chose that day without clearing it with us first!).  We did a rip-roaring tour through the West on our first year on the road and now we’d like to slow down a bit and see some of the things we flashed by.

If the stars don’t align for a westerly sojourn, Florida and Key West are plan “B”.  Might even throw in a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, too.


Then we’ve talked about the “Final Exit”, no, not that one, but what we’ll do when we someday retire from our fulltime life, buy another house and put down some roots. 

We do like the area we’ve been staying in here in South Carolina so it is at the top of the list.  A big plus is it is where our grandsons live, so that’s a big draw.  But we intend to keep on traveling.  Just in a smaller motorhome, one where we can go for a couple weeks or months, but it doesn’t have to be so large as to carry everything we own in it.  After all, our four granddaughters live in two other states and we want to see them as much as we can, too.


We even mentioned this idea to Andrew and Owie.  They were panicked by the plan.  The first thing they both blurted out was “If you get a small camper, where will we sleep?”.

That was nice to hear and we assured them that even though that some future day RV will be smaller, there will always be room for them.  It’s nice to know they love traveling and being with us.


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  1. Sadly our "Final Exit" was way too soon - due to medical issues - I have to say I really miss full time RV-ing. However we do discuss getting a smaller one to use for a couple of weeks here and there or a month or two here or there. Although in Punta Gorda FL. now - not sure if this is the last stop for us - I'd rather be in AZ ------ but ------------

  2. Reading this gave me random thoughts too. And boy are they random. Sounds like A LOT of driving but then you are the original PDD. West in January hmmmmm with the idea of being in NJ in March. I guess you must mean the SOUTHwest??? Or did you get Snowtires for the Journey?? Is the S.C. contingent of your clan the only one that doesn't move around fairly frequently so you could settle there when you want to? Better take advantage of all those grandkids loving to be with you. When they hit 13 you are history for at least a few years! :-)) Of course MY prference is Florida for the winter so we can meet up. Mike and Terri are getting more than their share of your time. :-)

  3. No matter how your plans finally firm up, it sounds like you won't be letting much grass grow under your feet. Enjoy.

  4. All that planning made my head spin. By the time you down size to a smaller RV, the little guys may very well have other interests. Or maybe not. Sometimes best to keep those cards close to the chest, lest there be some moments of panic.

  5. Those wheels turning in your head with all those plans is not unlike the wheels of the Journey turning and turning and turning. PDD is alive and well!
    Good luck on the work camping job! I hear that's a great place to be.

  6. plans made of jello..just keep on planning! hope it all comes together for you!

  7. Sitting still we find gives rise to too many thoughts and ideas; looks like we're not alone in that ;-)

  8. We really think you need to get moving soon also;o)) Too much time to think!! Your plan sounds like our first attempt at full-timing..LOL

    Since when is Virginia on the way to Missouri?!?!

    Already making an exit plan and you've hardly got started on this full-time journey!?!?!

    I do know a lot folks that will be in Florida this winter and would love to see the two of you:o))

  9. Just how far west were you thinking of going?? Just curious, I'm sure you'll give us readers a good heads-up when you're on your way!

    I can imagine the grandson's would panic if they thought their future summer camping plans might be in jeopardy. That's a great sign that you're still a 'cool dude' in their eyes!

  10. Whew! So much to think about! When I read you are workamping at Strom, I thought...NO! You can't miss the CCR!! Then I saw you won't :) Whew again!

  11. Too many choices! It's as bad as trying to pick up a package of tortillas at the grocery store - so many choices you don't know which one to choose. Good luck and I'm sure whichever way you go, you'll be having lots of fun.

  12. I am with a few of the others-it sounds like a lot of driving. Perhaps a refresher course in "life in the slow lane, sightseeing and enjoying the journey" :)

  13. I love what we're doing now. I just can't imagine having a permanent someplace. It may happen eventually but I won't be happy about it.

  14. WOW!!! So much to ponder! You really have "hitch-itch" big time.

    See ya soon at Lake Thurmond! :)

  15. Vote for Florida also. We'll be there for awhile.

  16. Count us in for a vote for you guys to come to Florida this winter!

  17. Young man, have you lost weight? What's this about 'final exit'? You've hardly begun your full-timing. Either you're really big on planning ahead or you're getting depressed over all this VA stuff. I hope that all works out soon and you can continue your adventure.

  18. You did a "rip roaring trip through the west" your first year of traveling? I'm shocked~

    Hope to see you in Florida this winter.

  19. I vote for plan B also, we would love to see you guys.

  20. It is always lovely when your family want to be with you. We are just starting our bus conversion to a RV ( but there is no way we can live full time in it as our family are all close by and our family times are too precious to all of us. Looking forward to 'meeting' yours thru' your blog