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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Heading For Disney World

The day had finally arrived.  We finished up with Marti's conference in Myrtle Beach, SC and we headed out to I-95.  We had an important rendezvous to make.

We met Owie and Andrew at a truck stop, our daughter Heather and SIL Brian drove them to meet us so we'd not have to drive all the way to their home to pick up the boys.  That saved us a bunch of time (and diesel fuel).

Owie looked over the map to see our route.

Andrew hopped in the co-pilot seat to help me watch out for traffic and look for the exit signs where we needed to turn.

Since we had three days to drive to Disney World, we were going to make a couple of stops to see some of the attractions along the way.  Our first day's stop was the National Museum of the Eight Air Force.  The boys loved all the planes and were introduced to an airplane I've been reading about for many years, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

The museum's B-17 is being restored to its WWII configuration after being de-militarized after the war and spending many years as a forest fire bomber dropping fire retardant on forest fires.  After that service, it languished in storage for decades before the museum obtained it as the central show piece for their collection.  Of the 12,000 plus B-17s that were built during the war, there are less than 50 that survive today, and about 12 are still airworthy and flying as hands on history lessons, appearing at air shows around the country.

The boys were amazed at the size of it.

Andrew even got to try out a common telephone of the 1930's, quite a change from today's cell phones.

 A neat place for boys to visit and learn about history and appreciate what servicemen and women from the Greatest Generation did to protect the freedom we enjoy today.

We made another stop, to see something that Owie studied about in school this year.  That's for the next post, so please stand by.

I'm still working to get my laptop back to normal, it's hard because I don't want to burn through the remain data I have on our MiFi, so I've had to use campground WiFi, not the best, or even close to fast, but it's slowly getting done.

Please forgive me if we don't get many posts in next week, or comments on your blogs, we're going to make the most of our week at Fort Wilderness and Disney World.  :c)

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  1. Nice...we did Fort Wilderness and Disney World with our kids back in 1996. I think we were the only ones there camping in a tent!

  2. Andrew's and Owie's smiles tell us all we need to know. They are excited and you are going to have a wonderful time!!! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy and we'll be here when you and your computer get back from Disney:o))

  3. Those are some lucky boys to have such great grandparents. Wish I could be your granddaughter. SO sorry about your computer woes. Will be happy to see your trip to Disney with the boys when you are able to share it.

  4. Say hello to Pluto and Jiminy Cricket for me. :)

  5. Will be just as happy as you guys are to be 'back to normal' with your computer! That picture of Andrew in the CO-captain's seat...he really looks like you, Paul!

  6. How did Marti enjoy the airforce museum? :-)

    The boys look pretty excited to be on their way to Disney. We imagine you guys are pretty excited too.

  7. Nice museum. I remember the first B-17 I saw. I was surprised to find it a lot small than I had pictured it in my mind.

  8. I know the boys will enjoy the trip with the two of you. Try and not spend all of your money in Disney World. You'll need a few bucks for diesel to get back!
    Have a safe trip.

  9. I bet those boys were so excited when they saw you and the Journey. Sounds like a great museum to stop at on the way. Enjoy your "vacation" away and I sure hope you're early enough the long lines of summer haven't started yet.

  10. What a fun time this will be for the boys. No PDD this trip?

    I'm not sure if you have Verizon MiFi like we do, but on our plan if you go over the data allowance, it's only $10 for another gig.

    Looking of that picture of Andrew with the old phone, really reminds you of the changes we've seen since the first telephones. Hard for kids to imagine, I'll bet.

  11. You will be have way too much fun there enjoy!