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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marti Saves The Day

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling to get my computer up to full speed after the disaster of having my hard drive wiped (without my permission) by the computer repair shop that replaced my cracked screen. 

I had Carbonite as my automatic back up and after several three day long attempts, I got most everything back.  I still have some .doc files that somehow were converted to .doc.wps files that I have to straighten out so I can open them.

What I did not get back was my anti-virus program, a cleaner program and Windows Live Writer, which I use to blog.  I find it so much easier than Blogger.  I write the post on Live Writer and then send it off to Blogger to post.  It works quick and easy.

I was quite “T’d” off at not getting those programs back.  When I talked to the Carbonite tech, they said programs like that are not restored by them due to copyright issues.

Marti was able to find and get my Live Writer back and working.


I did a quick test post to see if it really worked correctly, posted it and when I was satisfied everything was okay, I deleted it.  It was only up for a couple of minutes and I hope I didn’t cause any confusion with its rapid removal.  I just wanted to be absolutely sure before I worked up a new post that might have had issues.

I don’t know how she did it, but I’m a happy camper now (and a lucky guy).  So onward with our RV adventures!


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  1. That's a good thing and you even ran this test. One day men will realize that women are the brains in the family and just amazing.

  2. I just got a computer and am having such problems with getting Live Writer on this new computer. Could you send Marti over to help me?

  3. Great to see you back Paul. I still say I'd be after the manager of that store for some serious compensation for hat happened to you. Live Writer is the main reason I don't dump Bill and the Boys and go over to the fruit. Love it! Makes blogging SO much easier. How could I possible do those dissertations that I post without it.

  4. Paul you can d/l "Live Writer" directly from Microsoft's site.

    1. I tried downloading it several times and it wouldn't work. Marti figured out why, don't ask me how. ;c)

  5. Great that things are all up and running again.
    Great job Marti

  6. Glad to hear Marti was able to restore Live Writer for you. I had issues with it myself when I got a new computer. I hate using Blogger and would probably quit blogging if I had to use it. You should ask Marti to share her secrets!

  7. Sometimes it takes a team, although I'd prefer that my wife "not click on anything" when it comes to our computer.

  8. Glad she got it working for you. I have to use Blogger because we have a mac and it is a pain.

  9. Thanks to Rick I got live writer back when we got our new computers. Good to know we have another tech to turn to so tell Marti to be prepared.

  10. Congrats, Marti - well done! Paul, I thought that Live Writer test post was one of the best you've ever written.

    Live Writer is a component of the Windows Essentials download package from Microsoft.

  11. Hooray for Marti! What a adventure you're having.

  12. Takes a woman ;-) I still have never used Live Writer but don't find any issues posting right in blogger. I did happen to see your test post yesterday and figured you were working it out. Sounds like things are back to 'normal'!

  13. Way to go Marti:o)) Thanks for fixing Paul's computer;o)) Now you can get your computer back!!!

  14. Way to go Marti. I just had to replace my hard drive - what a pain!