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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Too Tired To Take Pictures

Sometimes life gets away from you.  You get so busy that lugging that heavy pocket sized camera is the last thing on your mind.

First off, after returning Sunday from our weeklong Disney trip with our grandsons, starting Monday, Marti and I spent four hours every morning over at our daughter Heather’s church as volunteers for the week long camp program the church puts on every year.  465 kids showed up, Marti and I each handled nine 6-10 year old boys doing woodworking.  We built bird houses.

Eighteen rambunctious boys, power drills, sharp screws and electric screwdrivers kept us hopping, with visions on lost eyes and missing fingers if we let our guard down.  Thankfully, no blood was spilled, and eighteen boys each went home at the end of the week with a really well constructed bird house, as well as all their fingers and eyes.  And we went home each day to collapse and recuperate for the next day.  It has been a long time since I was so happy to see Friday!

We did have to postpone our after camp R&R Wednesday afternoon for a very important event:  Owie’s birthday, he’s now seven.  He got quite a haul of presents and had fun opening them while everyone looked on.  Okay, I did drag the camera along this time.


We went out to dinner to celebrate.  Score!  No cooking dinner.  :c)

I’ve continued to work on my computer.  I think I’ve gotten it to working about 90%.  We found the reason my files got so screwed up when being restored by Carbonite.  When the dolts at the computer non-repair shop wiped my hard drive, they removed my Windows Home and Office, which had Word on it.  So when Carbonite went to restore my document, it could only put them in Word Pad, which the dolts had installed back on the computer.

Fortunately, I had the original software for Windows Home and Office, so it would be an easy solution to the file problem.  So I thought.

Somehow, my disc drive no longer works.  It would not accept a CD.  $39 later, I purchased a portable disc drive so I could successfully reload the software.

Being the social butterflies we are, we couldn’t pass up a chance to visit with our good friends Laurie and George who are having a great time workamping at J. Strom Thurmond COE. (Laurie was my very first blog follower!). 


We arranged to meet Thursday halfway between where we both are located in SC for a late lunch and had a great time catching up. Okay, I may have misled you by the post title, I did bring my camera again.

Sunday we head out to New Jersey to son Corey’s and DIL Amanda’s house…and granddaughter Anabelle.  Anabelle’s new sister is due mid July and we want to be part of the welcoming committee.

Today, despite the heat and humidity, I changed the generator oil and oil filter, checked all the tires and their pressures and washed the Journey top to bottom.  I haven’t been able to wash the poor rig since March, just before we departed from our workamping jobs at J. Strom Thurmond COE.  It was so dirty, that once I got it washed, it looked like a million dollar rig.

Marti spent the day inside doing a deep cleaning, so we’re all spiffed up inside and out.

We’re taking our time to travel up to NJ, planning on three days to travel the 850+ mile trip.  Slow and steady driving is kind of becoming more in style for us lately.  Maybe I’m being rehabilitated from my PDD driving style (Or maybe I’m still tired from all that woodworking with those energetic lads)?  :cD

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  1. I'm hoping to hire three of the YCC (Youth Conservation Corps) teenagers to give my rig a wash and wax before they leave the refuge. I'm just waiting for the 'Solution' to arrive.

  2. Safe travels north. Hard to believe you've settled down so much that you're taking 3 days to do the trip! Miracles do happen :)

  3. I can certainly understand being too busy to take pictures. I've been there many times. I also understand too busy to write a blog. Happy Birthday, Owie.

  4. Taking it slow and easy is a nice way to travel, after all we are retired, no need to rush.

  5. You two are having a good time, despite being tired. At least it's a good tired! So good seeing you again. Wish it was more often!

  6. It appears to us that you get your R&R while you travel now ; o)) No down time when you have so many grandchildren!!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  7. Happy Birthday Owie! Seven is a great age to be. I can sure see why you two would be tired....can't imagine washing and waxing the rig after a week of strenuous woodworking. Safe travels north, I'll wait to see if it actually takes you 3 days. :-)

  8. Great job working with the little guys. THat is something they'll always remember and cherish.
    I know that we are supposed to forgive and forget but with all the headaches those computer non-repair people caused you I would be complaining to the Better Business Bureau. Even if you could get your money back still wouldn't pay for all the aggravation you've been through.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. Happy Birthday to Owie! I'm the same age except I have a little '0' added to the right of his 7!

    That computer outfit that supposedly repaired your computer sound like real clowns. Tough luck with that but hopefully you'll get it all back in top-shape soon.

  10. Three days to go 850 miles. I think you still have a way to go to fully conquer that PDD.

    How nice that you guys helped with the church camp. On second thought, maybe 850 miles in three days could be relaxing after that.

  11. Seven is such a care-free age. Congrats on the spiffin up the coach. I was really sad when we had to drive in the rain after our 8 day marathon was and wax x 3 episode. Now, I don't need you to come do it.

  12. Three days to travel up to NJ? Maybe you really can teach an old dog new tricks. ;-)