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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stickin’ To The Plan…Almost

Being in no rush this morning to pull out, we had a leisurely breakfast and then set out to make the Journey road ready.  By 10:30 we rolled out of the Wood Smoke Campground and headed down the road to the nearby Walmart.

One thing we like about South Carolina is the reasonably cheap fuel prices.  This Walmart carries diesel and I filled up, wishing my tank was at least twice as big as it is.  I won’t see prices like this anytime soon.


Of course, there is also this sticker on the pump:


After my initial trouble with Biodiesel and going through a couple of fuel filter changes, the Journey runs well on it, even though I can tell I’m losing a few tenths of a mpg using it.  An occasional bottle of diesel fuel additive seems to help, or maybe it’s just my imagination.  At least I feel better doing it.

We took it easy and had a nice drive up from SC, through the mountains of North Carolina and into Virginia.  We planned to stop overnight at a Flying J, but that’s where the plan went awry.  That FJ is on I-77 and not on I-81, which we were on.  Oops!

Plan B time.  Not being sure of nearby Walmarts or other truck stops, we decided to take another stab at a Passport America campground and found one right off the highway in Radford, VA.  No wandering around back roads for miles this time!

Not much of a campground, but at $18.75 for the night, we paid to stay.  The first site we backed into had a problem with the electricity, the breaker kept kicking off.  We moved down a couple of sites, trying the electric box first with my Surge Guard to make sure it was good, before moving the Journey into it and setting up.

This campground is right on a little river, seems like there are a few fishermen using it. 


It also comes with an added bonus,


It is right under a highway bridge for I-81.  So now instead of hearing truck engines idling at a Flying J, we get to hear them flying by.  Not a big deal, we have the a/c on and the fan pretty much drowns out that noise.

We did stop driving at only 257 miles, so that part of the plan worked.  See?  I’m kicking the PDD habit!  :c)

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  1. Do you know there is an app that locates walmarts and if they allow overnight parking? You can find it in your app store under Walmart Overnight Parking.

    That was a great price for diesel!

  2. Wish we knew you were headed our way. You just flew by us at the intersection of I-77 and I-81. Lots of empty sites here at Stony Fork Campground!!!

    Safe Travels...hope the rain stops!!!

  3. Passport America parks are definitely iffy. You never know until you check whether they will allow you stay. Their restrictions are what get you. So, if you're north in the summer, you have fewer that'll put you up. Same goes for south in the winter .... just when we want to be there.

  4. Another suggestion - I love my Allstays app. It shows Walmarts, Flying J's, Cracker Barrels, Cabelas, city parks, county parks, state parks, any place that allows overnights, plus private campgrounds. I hesitated buying it because it was 9.99, but it's worth every penny.

  5. Paul you might also try the RV Parky app. I doubt that it's as good as Allstays (because it's free), but it will list a lot of the same things.
    I'm with you on the Biodiesel. I hate putting it in our rig, but in the midwest its hard not to fuel up without it. So glad when we get a bit further west and can get the fuel without bio in it again.

  6. Boy oh boy, we hate when we can't find a Flying J! Hopefully no wayward trucks will fly off the overpass :-)

  7. Hi
    I had planned to stop there for the fourth of July weekend but they were no longer listed on Passport America site. I had stayed there in 2011. After reading your post I looked again on the website and I notice it is listed as new. I had also checked their website not there, must be new owners?

    My sister is six miles from there, that’s why we were going there, so out plans change and now we have a motel reservation.

    Yes we know of the traffic noise.


  8. The shorter travel days are much nicer, keep up the good work.

  9. Glad to see you're kicking the PDD.....and you even stayed in a campground! Imagine that!

  10. At least you got a nice prime spot under the Interstate! Still beats a Walmart!

  11. Paid over $4 a few times out west so that is a great diesel price.