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Monday, June 23, 2014

We Tired Them Out!

Being a couple of fifty something grandparents, it is always a challenge to take two young grandsons on vacation, especially to a place that requires lots of walking, laughing and at times hanging on for dear life.  Disney World in Florida is one of our favorite places to go and we make it there almost every year.

We camp in our favorite campground, Fort Wilderness, on the Disney property.

The sites are large, level and have a nice concrete pad, with a sandy area in back.

It's not necessary, but we always rent a golf cart to get around the Fort.  It makes it easy to get to and from some of the transportation areas and saves time.  Plus, there is nothing better than knowing you have a ride to your site after a busy day and not having to wait for a campground bus with a tired pair of boys.

Even with all the parks to visit, Andrew still took the time to practice his lessons on Marti's portable piano we carry in the Journey.

Something new Disney has added is Magic Bands, a wrist wearing device that you use as a ticket.  You also can book via the Internet "Fast Passes" for some of the rides so you don't have to wait in long lines.

You touch your Magic Band to a scanner, and then you have to have a fingerprint read to gain admission.  There are still bugs in the bands, they worked about 75% of the time, when they didn't work, you had to have a Disney employee double check your band on a portable computer.  This often caused delays at the admission gates. 

Our favorite ride, hands down, is Splash Mountain. 

Nothing better than getting soaked on a hot day!

The nice thing about staying at Disney was we could go into one of the four parks in the morning, then come home for lunch at the Journey and spend a couple of hours in the campground pool.  It has a great water slide and a hot tub to sooth grandparent's tired legs. 

After a cooling swim, we'd head off to another park, either by the Monorail, or boat.

At EPCOT, they have revamped the Test Track ride.  While you are waiting for your ride, you can design a car to your own taste.  Owie designed quite a car, maybe it will see production some day.

We had a four day ticket with the park hopper addition so we could bounce from park to park on the same day.  We decided to build in a day off mid week to rest up a bit.  But we didn't let the whole day go to waste, we took the boys to an evening show of The Blue Man Group.

It was a zany, wild, hilarious comedy show that the boys loved.  If you never heard of them and what they do, there are many clips of their show on YouTube.  It's a must see if you ever get the chance.

We had a visitor at our campsite most days.  I can even identify this particular bird without Judy or Sherry's help.  He's a turkey.  Hopefully, he doesn't end up on somebody's table one day.

Despite all the hot, humid weather, we only hit rain on the last day in the parks and it was right at the last ride.  We always come prepared with some disposable rain coats for just such an occasion.

 Saturday morning we headed out, the boys were ready to go home.  They were pretty tired from all the adventures and several late nights (don't tell their mom!).  We broke the ride home into two days, with an overnight stop in Brunswick, GA at the Coastal Georgia RV Resort, a first class place, with a great pool to cool off some energetic lads.

They were happy to get home Sunday and see their mom and dad.  We dropped off the boys and then headed to our campsite at nearby Wood Smoke campground for a week.  It was a blast and we look forward to the next Disney World visit.  We still have to get our granddaughters there, none of them have been there.  Yet.  ;c)

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  1. It's been quite a while since we've been to Disneyworld. We did do Disneyland a couple years ago. It was different going with kids but we still had a good time. I'm thinking those little munchkins tired you out more than you tired them out!!

  2. Sounds like a very busy time you had and made a lot of great memories too.
    Now to relax a bit.

  3. We love Disneyworld as much as the kids. Unfortunately, I think we get tired out quicker than kids do today.

  4. It sure looks like they (and you guys!) had a terrific time! See you soon!

  5. The boys look like they had a much fun as their grandparents... almost;o)) Disney is just a special place where memories are definitely made!!!

  6. That sounds like so much fun. Can I come along next time?

  7. Such a struggle with my blogger dashboard! Took me forever to get here. I've never been to Disneyworld, but have enjoyed yours and other's visits. I'm sure Splash Mountain was refreshing at this time or year.

    Dunce cap? I don't think so... ;)

  8. What a fun, fun time! Gives us many ideas to use with our gands.

  9. What is with your live writer test post? I cannot even get to your post! I am trying to install Live writer on my new computer with Windows 8....and cannot, for the life of me get Live Writer to work.

  10. I would love to be fifty something Grandparents:)

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  12. What lucky boys! It looks like you all had a blast.

  13. Would you like to adopt me as a granddaughter? I haven't been there yet either! :) Maybe this Fall :)

  14. We plan to stay at Fort Wilderness winter 2015, looks like a neat place.

  15. Those are some pretty happy boys. Truly a dream place for kids (and adults) of any age to go!