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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arrived at the Rally...and in One Piece, Too

You can thank us now.  For setting the failing economy back on track.  Last night when we pulled in to the Woodstock, VA Walmart, we went inside to stock up on our supplies, including dog food for Zoe, the Wonder Dog, for the week.  A mere $200 later, We pushed a heavily loaded shopping cart back to the Journey, where we parked next to six other RVs.

We took all the bags inside and stuffed them wherever they'd fit.  We decided we'd get everything straightened out tomorrow when we arrived at the campground.  I took the shopping cart back to the corral and we called it a night.

We could supplement our income by renting Zoe out as an alarm clock.  We may be on vacation but she doesn't believe in them and started fussing around 7 am.  I got up and took her for a walk.  By the time I returned , Marti was already up and making herself a cup of that vile and evil liquid called coffee that she loves so much.  She discovered two things, she had packed some light pants to bring along, but somehow apparently they were left behind.  And, we didn't buy any dog food last night. 

Not relishing sharing any of the nice steaks and stuff we bought with Zoe, it was back to the Walmart.  While I got the dog food, Marti picked out a couple of pairs of pants.  Another $100 later, we headed back to the Journey, ate breakfast and then headed out on the highway.

Route 81 was much nicer to travel in the daylight.  Fewer trucks and only an occasional sprinkle of rain.  Driving along, we came upon the scene of an accident with a car off the road into a ditch on the right.  I slowed down and moved to the fast lane.  No sooner had I shifted lanes then a truck in front of me did the same and then hit his brakes.  I had to hit my brakes hard and heard lots of the loose items from our shopping sprees come shifting forward.  After we passed the accident and picked up speed, I enjoyed the smell of brake shoes for a couple of miles, I really hit those brakes hard.  Very happy they worked like they are supposed to.

We stopped at the Whytheville, VA Flying J to take on diesel fuel.  I just love those pumps that shut off at $75.  After starting the pump and running it up to $75 twice, I figured we had more than enough fuel to get where we needed to go, so we grabbed some burgers at a joint next to the Flying J and headed back out on the road.

We arrived in Sevierville, TN and drove right past the River Plantation RV Park.  I was following the GPS instructions and it didn't tell me to turn.  Marti asked, "Isn't that the campground?" as I drove right on by.  I realized it was and discovered I had transposed the street number, it was 1004 and I put 1400 into the GPS. Duh!

We checked in and moved into our site, #162.  We no sooner got set up and started putting all our supplies away when our good friends, Mike and Terri Young, knocked on the door.  We invited them in and had a too long overdue conversation with them.  It is so nice to see friends that are on the verge of full time RV travels like we are.  They invited us to a free concert in town of 50s and 60's music, but we had to pass.  Off in the distance, the clouds were dark and thunder was rumbling.  Zoe the Wonder Dog hates thunderstorms and can't be left alone in them or she'll try to hide in a hole somewhere, and if one is not available she will dig one.  She has damaged the carpet in one of our closets at home with this behavior, but there was no way we were going to take the chance of her panicking and digging up the carpet in the Journey.

We hopped in the car and drove around the town checking out the sights, we've been here to this area before about 4 years ago and noted a lot of changes, including the Titanic that seems to have run aground next to the main street.

With all the nice food we stocked up on waiting for us in the Journey what did we do for dinner?  We picked up Chinese takeout, of course!  In our defense, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and it tasted even better!  Oh yeah, and as we put everything away, Marti found the pants she thought she left behind.  I think we need more training in packing the Journey. ;c)

Now for a couple of days of R & R before the Rally starts on Tuesday! 


  1. We missed you at the concert! It was good music and hilarious too :) You missed seeing George dancing with dog ears on his head :) Oh yeah, and they pulled me up on stage with Linda and Linda Kendall to do 'rollin on the river'..what a hoot!

  2. Thank you! (per your request) ;-) Sounds like you guys have more money than you know what to do with...gotta love buying stuff you don't really need. Been there done that. Enjoy the rally!

  3. way to improve the US economy!..and I do hope that eventually you will eat the food you brought with you!!..have fun at the rally! glad the brakes worked and you arrived in one piece!!..give Zoe a pat for us!..poor girl afraid of thunder storms!!.. :(

  4. Glad you made it here okay. Isn't I81 fun? We missed you at the show last night.
    See ya later

  5. I LOVE your coffee attitude. I've got an addict in my RV too!!

    Why no picture of Zoe the Wonderdog on your blog's homepage? We need to see her!!

    See you in about 15 minutes. We're at Exit 407.


  6. We stayed at that park while exploring the area. It was a very handy location.