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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Caring Transitions

No matter how hard we've been busting our butts on the house, it seems like it has become one step forward, two steps back.  With both of us holding down full time jobs and trying to get everything done while the clock it ticking, it feels like we'll never get it all done. We don't really have the time to hold a garage sale or sit around waiting for someone to buy our stuff off of Craig's List.  To make matters worse, two houses have gone up for sale on our street!  Now we have competition, too.  It has been keeping us awake at night.

While the upgrades and sprucing up of the house are going well, getting rid of stuff to make the house presentable has been our biggest hurdle.

Thanks to our friends Mike and Terri Young, we've contacted a company that they used to help them get their house ready for sale, Caring Transitions.  They are a company that will come in, help you remove unwanted stuff, price and stage the house contents for sale, hold an estate type sale and then remove any leftover items.  They charge 35% of the net profits from the sale of items.

This will work well for us, it gives us a helping hand right where and when we need it.  Can you say PHEW!

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  1. sounds interesting..wonder if they have a company like that in Canada??

  2. With all the improvements you have made to your property, I believe your "competition" couldn't possible be in your league... They will just make your house look that much better ;o))

  3. I'll have to look into that for next year. I was hoping to find a place in our neck o' the woods that provides this service.

  4. I can't believe you're getting so close! We'll be on our way May 16th to see you. I hope you're around.

  5. You guy sound really pressured and stressed. Is there anyway you can take some of the pressure off mentally? Like changing some dates or a date that you have control over? Caring Transitions sounds good.

  6. I'm with Nancy. Sorry to hear there is competition on the street but your place looks gorgeous. The competition probably should have waited until yours is sold to put theirs up.

    Wish you didn't have to work full time while trying to do all of this. It sounds like too much stress and pressure.

    I'm pulling for a quick sale of the "stuff" and the "place"

    How many more days until you at least won't have the jobs to deal with???


  7. We're with Nancy and Sherry. No way can your neighbors compete with your house! It's beautiful!

    The mound of "stuff" was a huge hurdle for us as well, and having CT take care of it was well worth it for us. We hope you'll be as pleased with them as we were.