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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Curb Appeal

After tons of mulch, scads of flowers and gallons of sweat, not to mention lots of greenbacks, we're pretty happy with how the outside of our house looks.  Curb appeal.

The azaleas are in bloom.

Our cherry tree looked really pretty with its pink blossoms, now starting to fall off.

We have a jelly bean shaped flower garden in the front yard.  We call it the Jelly Bean Garden.  How brilliant is that? ;c)

 A few finishing touches need to be done, but all in all, we're pleased with what we've gotten done outside.  Now if we can just get the inside to catch up...

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  1. House looks great! Hope someone who can't resist comes by this week!!


  2. Well now...if I was gonna by a house...that one would be it :) You have a beautiful home, nice curb appeal for sure! I hope the VA market is getting as good as the one in PA!

  3. House looks great!!

    We are hoping all the real estate markets further north are picking up so folks can sell their homes and buy ours in the warm,sunny south;o))

  4. If we were in the market for a new house..yours would be a contender!!..looks beautiful!

  5. You have the nicest looking Lighthouse in the Jelly Bean Garden. I could never grow one that nice, but then again you really know how to work with one of those.
    I've got my fingers crossed about the housing market.

  6. Yes, those lighthouse seeds are very hard to come by. You usually find them at the top of most lighthouses, and that involves lots of climbing and no fear of heights...

  7. Looks Great!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  8. Very nice, are you going to leave the lighthouse for the new owners?

  9. Those are truly beautiful flowers! And love the 'jelly bean' reference, it does look like one!
    All the best,
    Vicky Car Insurance Pro

  10. House looks great and should sell quickly!!! We'll be praying for a quick sale so you guys can hit the dusty trail. Hope to see you out there one day.