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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Marti's Musings: Semper Gumby

You've heard it before in our blog.  Semper Gumby, meaning always ready to be flexible (as a former latin student, I am sure we are taking great liberty with that phrase!)

Paul explained, briefly, how many balls we are juggling...  yesterday, the workers came to start some projects recommended by our realtor.  Silly us, thinking it would take a week or so.  No, they will complete 3 bathroom tile jobs, and refinishing our family room's wooden floor in 3 days!!!  Yikes.  I mean that is great, and it is no wonder that this guy came highly recommended.  Of course, we thought it was one guy, only he came with several workers to do all 3 bathrooms simultaneously and a sub contractor who specializes in wood floors.  Thus the 3 days, vs a week.  (hey, what do we know?!? - obviously not.much.)

Today, Paul went to meet the guy to (what we thought) would be to finish the floors, only he is doing a 2nd coat, and it needs to dry at least 24 hours.  Two of our bathrooms are unusable as the toilets were removed, and sitting in tubs or on the nearby floor.  The third one has tiles replaced with new adhesive and grout.  Hmmm....

Soooooo - Paul went to renew our site for the night, with a late check out - to allow the floor to dry without our wonder dog Zoe's permanent paw prints in the newly polyurethane floor.  We quickly rearranged our schedules for tomorrow, and voila!  Here we are for another night at Bull Run CG. Thus, Semper Gumby.

Once again, we are mightily thankful for our Journey - our home away from home, soon to be our only home - (yikes!  that still takes my breath away!).  But wow, the thoughts of seeing our grandtreasures more often, for REAL visits, and seeing all of our kids and extended family and the beautiful USA along the way? 

THAT will be breathtaking.  So - with Gumby as our mascot - forward ho!    ~Marti

PS My friend, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, made it home on Friday. Pathology is still pending, but the outlook looks good.  Another breathtaking moment, seeing her smiling face again!


  1. Sounds like an excellent contractor. Good for you two for rolling with the punches. But what else are ya gonna do?

    See you next week!


  2. Wow, forward ho! Good for you getting stuff done, and right before the rally too~

  3. Marti,

    Your Friend is still in our prayers and we are glad to hear she is smiling :o) She is lucky to have you as a friend!


  4. Semper gumpy!..what a great quote for you all this weekend!!..hope the work gets done quickly!!

  5. You are definitely getting closer! I like the sound of SEMPER GUMPY. I think I might name my next doggie that. Its definitely the story of our past year and a half.

  6. That is great that you are getting ready to sell your house. Instead of getting the house on the market and having no offers.....(been there!) If you are having anxiety over your stuff, divide your stuff and give it to the kids. That way you can visit your stuff when you visit them.
    Thank goodness that your RV was ready to go!!!
    WOW is right for selling your house and going fulltiming