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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Withdrawal Symptoms and Stink Bugs

It was tough to get through the day yesterday, but we did not go to Walmart.  Going out for a morning drive, we made it past the Walmart without making a right turn into the store.  It only took a mile or to for the shaking to stop from the withdrawal symptoms.

We spent most of the day just sitting and chasing the shade around the Journey.  It was a very warm day and the sun was hot.  Unfortunately our campsite here at the RV Dreams Rally is in a North-South exposure and the awning doesn't give us much shade at all.  So we placed our chairs in whatever shade we could find from the Journey and kept moving them to the next shady spot as the sun rose higher in the sky.

I purchased a Bissell Carpet Cleaner yesterday and it worked really well on the carpets.  Even though we vacuum them often, the dirt it got up was amazing (embarrassing, actually).  It cost $78 and is a keeper, it is much small than normal sized carpet cleaners and will store easily in our bedroom closet.

It is amazing how we've been feeling since we had nothing to do yesterday but sit around and relax.  Our fast paced lifestyle of go-go-go all the time made us feel strange just sitting still most of the day.  Marti and I talked about how weird it felt and I wondered how long it will take once we are on the road full time to get over the guilty feeling of lazing around.

Later in the evening we went over to Howard and Linda Payne's campsite, our hosts for the RV Dreams Rally.  They invited all the Rally attendees to come and hang out with them.  Many folks showed up and we had a great time visiting with old friends and making new ones.

Of course, that infernal phone of Marti's reared its ugly head and she had to send several texts back to her office to solve some problem.  She wasn't a happy camper.

This morning, our four legged alarm clock woke us up.  I took her for her morning walk in some cool and overcast skies.  By the time I got back, the rain started.  I walked in to the Journey to find Marti suffering from her foul and evil liquid addiction, also known as coffee.  She wasn't pleased at all.  I found she had the "hood" up on her Keurig Coffee maker, it wasn't making anything at all.  We've had this problem several times and even had a the machine replaced under warranty once already.  We've followed the instructions on every month or so flushing it with vinegar as recommended.

While Marti was on the phone with the Keurig customer service people, she was leaning over the sink making strange faces.  I had to see what caught her attention.  You won't believe it.

I have wondered why I have not been run out of the State of Tennessee for all the undocumented illegal stink bugs that have hitched a ride here on our Journey.  Since we've been here, we've been catching a dozen or more every day and flushing them down the toilet.  Now we may have to rethink our disposal method for stink bugs.

In the sink, in a water filled container was a stink bug, swimming around, doing the back stroke.  We watched it for more than five minutes, it looked like it was enjoying the water.

I plucked it out, wrapped it in a paper towel and gave it a squish before tossing it in the trash.  Marti is now concerned about all the stink bugs we've flushed, she thinks they may be having a beach party down there.  My next item for today is to go out in the rain and dump the black tank and remove "Poop Beach" along with all the stink bugs.

Before all you nice readers come running over to the Journey with a mercy cup of coffee for Marti to stop her withdrawal shakes, we fired up our installed coffee pot so she can feed her addiction.  A whole pot full.  As usual, we're Semper Gumby, always flexible! ;c)

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  1. Well, if your stink bugs are having a poop beach party, so are ours. LOL! We've had them since Maryland in November...last year we had them from MD to FL to TX to AZ.

    What a pain they are...heard that the first year you have them they exude something to attract them back the next year. Guess it worked.

    We are determined to be south before the cold sets into MD this year and maybe, just MAYBE we won't pick up these stinky hitchhikers.

  2. This is no joke. I think I heard a report that we're having an epidemic of stink bugs. Anyway...I'm going to look for that Bisset Carpet Cleaner. You think your floor was bad...

  3. I hate those smelly little things. I will look into that cleaner.

  4. You know what they say about additions-take it one day at a time. One day soon you will be able to pass a Walmart and not even notice the sign.

  5. Before we left PA, we were making our bed, and there was a live on crawling on my pillow. Ewwwww! I hate them..they are SO sneaky :)

  6. maybe you should stick to going to Walmart everyday..let me shade, no coffee, stink bugs and dang phone going off! least Walmart was a 'good time'!..enjoy the rally!..time to relax!..have a coffee or two!!!

  7. Just glad to hear you two are taking some time to RELAX!!!

    Oh and we went to Walmart in your place today!!

    Keep chasing the shade ;o))