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Sunday, April 10, 2011


We arrived yesterday for the RV Dreams Rally at the River Plantation RV Park.  We got settled in and enjoyed a good night's sleep.

Early the next morning, Zoe, the Wonder Dog sounded off and woke us up.  I took her for a good walk, stopping to chat with some of our RV Dreams family, Bill and Nancy and Bruce and Laura.  We had a great conversation and lots of laughs.  Laura said I reminded her of John Candy, much skinnier, of course.  I kinda wondered if that was a compliment, after all he's passed away.  Maybe it's because of my "Dead Pan Humor"?

About that time Marti sent me a text, breakfast was ready, so I hurried back to the Journey.  It looked pretty in the early morning light.

After breakfast, the top job was to give the Journey a good cleaning inside.  When you are not a fulltimer, you don't always get a chance to keep everything and neat as you'd like.  We returned from our Disney trip last month and never got a chance to even give the Journey even a once over.  So this was the time to get it clean and sparkling.

The carpet need a good cleaning, first a good vacuuming and then I took out my handy dandy little carpet cleaner, it's the size of a hand vacuum.  Filled it up with carpet cleaner and soap, got down on my knees and turned it on.  I got a faceful of warm, soapy water, it was sort of like bending over a lawn sprinkler.
I quickly turned it off and looked it over.  It died.  Evidently the rubber seals inside it had dried out and crumbled away, letting the water spray all over.  Now what?

Trip number four to Walmart. To buy a new carpet cleaner.  We are now officially suffering from WMOCD, Walmart Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

Returning I hit the carpets and in no time they were looking much better, I was able to get all the polka dot spots from the grandkid's juice boxes cleaned up.  A few more minutes and the mirrors had all the little finger prints scrubbed off (why do RV manufacturers put so many *&^$#% mirrors in an RV anyway?).

As I put away the cleaning gear, Marti took Zoe, the Wonder Dog for a walk to the doggie park.  Evidently, Zoe felt left out with all the cleaning going on in the Journey and decided to get in on the fun, she found a nice pile of doggie do and rolled in it.

Knowing what was coming next, she decided to try and hide.

I always seem to get elected to do this job.

Marti gave Zoe a good toweling off.

The finished product, looking none too pleased.

We don't call her the Wonder Dog for nothing, because we always are wondering what kind of fun we're going to have with her next. ;c)

Later, we visited with more RV Dreamers and ended up going out for pizza with Mike and Terri.  They have been such an encouragement to us as we all are getting ready to hit the road.  Knowing we're both experiencing the same issues and being able to share how we're solving them is such a blessing.

Many RVers have specific travel plans, some want to visit every MLB baseball stadium, others want to visit every National Park, or camp in every state.  Marti and I have come up with a new challenge for our full time RV travels...we're going to visit every Walmart in the country!

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  1. well you have crossed off a few Walmarts off your list this that is a start!
    now as for the mirrors? is to make the motorhome look bigger and to make sure you don't have that extra piece of chocolate cake!
    enjoy the rally!..hope Zoe is all dried off now!!

  2. I am a long time sufferer of WMOCD, so I totally understand and sympathize! Welcome to the RV world!

  3. Oh yeah, we're with you on the WMOCD thing. Shop there in our S&B, have a Sam's club membership. Hey, you can get anything at Wally World!

  4. We really enjoyed spending time with both of you. It really does help to be with others who have similiar dreams and goals. Enjoy the rally...
    and Walmart.

  5. You posted a comment on a site that I follow, and I thought I recognized your name from the attendees list. Looked up from my computer, and there you are! We, too, are enjoying the rally and meeting some awesome folks that share our dream! Look forward to meeting you both......

  6. So good to hear you made it to the rally. There's so many people there we know, hope you all hook up. We're like you with the Walmart runs, if it wasn't for them we'd never make it. See you real soon! (On the way to Charleston, SC in the morng).

  7. Yup... them outside showers on motorhomes work GREAT for washing dirty doggies! Sometimes even at home in the summer months I will use it to bathe ours, instead of messing up the bathrooms inside the stix n brix house.
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Hi Marti and Paul!
    I don't know about seeing all the Walmarts. There are a lot of them out there! What carpet cleaner did you end up buying? We need a compact cleaner for the Jazz but we have not yet spotted one that is the right small size but still does a good job of cleaning. Any suggestions?

  9. So glad to see a picture of Zoe the Wonder Dog. Now when do I get to meet her and you two in person??


  10. Paul,

    Absolutely it is a compliment that you remind me of John Candy! So glad to have met you and Marti. Look forward to getting to know you on the road!

    Laura Raber aka Marsha Brady