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Friday, April 8, 2011

Rolling Along, But Not Too Far

We left our home at 7:45 pm and headed out for our trip to the RV-Dreams Rally.  In the dark.  In the rain.  Good thing I didn't wash the Journey like I wanted to or I'd be doing it over later.

Heading out toward the Skyline Drive on Route 66, traffic was pretty light.  We planned to catch Route 81 South and hit a Walmart in Woodstock, VA to pick up supplies for the week.  Then we'd head further South until we decided to stop for the night.

The traffic many have been light on 66, but when we hit 81, it was heavy, and mostly all speeding 18 wheelers.  We decided to keep going until we got to the Woodstock Walmart and called it a night.  So were about 60 miles into our 445 mile trip, but safety is Number 1, no need to take chances.

So we're snug as bugs in a rug, we're surrounded by Walmart bags stuffed with food and goodies.  And of course, Zoe, the Wonder Dog is with us, blessing the air.  Ahhh, vacation.  Doesn't get any better than this!


  1. Better safe than sorry, good that you're not overdoing it. Throw Zoe an extra dog biscuit from me. :-) Safe travels to you!

  2. Have a safe trip. See you on Saturday. Traffic alert: TN-66 south from I-40 to 441/Parkway is under construction. Stay in the left lane all the way to the RV park.

  3. safe travels to you all..we hope the flatulance problem dissapates soon!!

  4. Safe travels...we always try to give ourselves extra time then needed just in case of weather. On our way to Cincinnati we came across more wicked weather and then the 18-wheelers were in a big hurry for the few following days...ugh! We just continued at our own pace and allowed them to zip on by us, but with the wind we were being tossed all around and this being my (Kimberly's) first real driving was interesting...Keep it safe!

  5. Good thing you are further north. Tornado warning was just changed to watch and there is a thunderstorm with potentially 60 mph winds and hail the size of golf balls. We're at Hungry Mother State Park on our way to Sevierville which has the same weather. Don't hurry to get there or here Saturday night.

    Hopefully we'll leave for there tomorrow and all this weather will be gone.