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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Silver Lining

First of all, let me say thanks to all my Blog and RV friends for your prayers and support you gave us after my mother's passing.  We certainly found strength in it all. 

Marti and I pulled out of the RV-Dreams Rally on Thursday in Sevierville, TN and booked home 500 miles.  We pulled up in front of the house, grabbed some clothes and hit the road again to get to New Jersey.  I was pretty tired and after an hour, we pulled into a Walmart and overnighted.

It was a good stop for us for several reasons, one to rest and one to resupply the food in the Journey.  We had originally bought enough for the two of us to carry us through the Rally, but while we were traveling, we got some great news.

Our son, Ryan is stationed out in Oregon in the Coast Guard.  He wanted to attend my mother's services, but the air fare costs were too prohibitive.  His wife, Amber, did some looking on line and found a special package deal where if they rented a car, the whole family, Ryan, Amber and our two granddaughters, Taylor and Kierra, could fly in for less than the cost of a single ticket for just Ryan!  Have I mentioned I love Priceline?  We were thrilled, we have not seen them since last August.

So we re-provisioned with lots of extra food and snacks that the girls would love.

They flew into JFK in NYC and drove out to were we were in Northern New Jersey.  We were able to boondock for two nights in the parking lot of the church my parents attend, and Ryan's family stayed with us in the Journey.

The viewing and the funeral service went well.  It was very hard, especially for me.  My family asked me to do the eulogy.  I was able to do it and got through it without breaking down, again feeling the support of many thoughts and prayers.

It was bitter sweet.  Almost my entire family was there.  And for the first time in several years, my three kids, Corey, Heather and Ryan were together again.

My brothers and sister were all here and we took a family picture with my Dad.  It was also the first time in over ten years we were all together.  My brother Jeff, (on the left) was in the hospital for a leg infection and was able to get out and make it.  Answered prayers.

After everything was over, we all kicked back in the Journey and made plans for the next couple of days.

We packed up and headed South about an hour's drive to Corey and Amanda's house, our son and DIL.

The Journey fit nicely in their driveway and we were able to plug into their electricity. 

We've stayed close by my father's area to help him with some issues, today Marti and I met with him and took him to lunch to make sure he's okay and will do well.  Sadly, we have to leave tomorrow, (Wednesday) to head back to Virginia and say goodbye to Corey, Amanda and Ryan, Amber and the granddaughters who will fly back to Oregon.

It was a sad occasion, but it was wonderful to see family and our kids.  A Silver Lining.  Another reason we look forward to full time RV travel, we can visit them more often and stay longer.

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  1. your 'silver lining' brings tears to my eyes...I am sure your mom was looking down from heaven smiling at her whole family together again! that is a memory to cherish always!
    hugs to you both and safe travels when you head on back home again.

  2. Again, so sorry for your loss. You're a stronger man than me, I don't think I could have done the eulogy. How wonderful that all of your family could be together to support one another. I know you'll miss those kids but hopefully you'll see them sooner than later.

  3. You have a beautiful family. So glad it could work out that you all could be together. I'm sure that made your mother very happy.

    We missed you at the rally, but we are glad you had safe travels and we will catch up with you two down the road.

  4. So very nice that in your time of sorrow, the whole family was there. We did miss you at the rally, but you were there in spirit & in everyone's thoughts & prayers.

  5. So glad your entire family could be together to draw comfort from one another. A silver lining indeed. We missed you but hope to see you again soon. Travel safely.

  6. Our thoughts and prayers continue to stay with you during all your healing process! Safe travels!

  7. Glad your trip turned out so well and uneventful. You have a beautiful family. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you Paul and Marti. Safe travels home

    Take Good Care
    JB and Brenda Brown

  8. You are going to have the boondocking/free camping mode well practiced before you are full time.

    It was great that the whole family could be together.

  9. We would like to add our condolences to you and your family at this time. As an Health Care Aide working in a long term care facility it certainly is hard to say goodbye to a loved one. We have to believe that they are in good hands now & are angels to watch over us. Take care of the memories, Jeannine & Joe

  10. Again sorry about losing your mom, we both know how hard it is. Glad you got to see everyone, it's a shame what it takes for it to happen though, again we understand that. Take care, and enjoy your time with family.

  11. So glad you were all able to attend.