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Monday, December 5, 2011

Almost Ready For Takeoff

After an overnight blacktop boondocking at a Flying J, Friday we headed out for our son Corey's home in NJ.  Not having a fixed time schedule was nice, we ate a leisurely breakfast and then departed.  Even though Marti has turned over the evil telephone to the new administrator, she spent a bit of the trip receiving and answering texts from her old staff, they miss her already...and she misses them.

We arrived at Corey and Amanda's house and commenced the "Moochdocking".  The Journey fits nicely in their driveway, complete with free water and electric (20 amp).

Shortly after arriving, we departed for a trip to one of my brother's homes, we were celebrating my dad's 90th birthday.  All of my four brothers, my sister and various BILs, SILs and assorted grandchildren and even one great grandkid were there with my dad.  He got some presents, even one all the way from California relatives.

We had a chocolate birthday cake, too, which read: "Happy 90th Birthday".

Of course, my dad, ever the jester, said if you looked at the cake upside down, he was only 60!

We had a great time, lots of food, laughter and some tears, too.  We all miss my mom, who passed away last April.  We've made plans for all the family to get together this summer and rent a house up in the Adirondacks in New York State on Brant Lake for a week.  Dad used to have a place there and we all spent many wonderful summers growing up there.  What a better place than that for our next get together?

After the party, we returned to Corey and Amanda's house.  Today, Saturday, "Amazing Amanda" took charge of getting the Journey ready for living.  After a few hours, the inside had been cleaned out a little but still had much work to be accomplished.  Taking things from our home, Marti's office, her car and even Christmas presents for our son Ryan's family our in Oregon made for quite a mess.  We almost could have qualified for the TV show "Hoarders".

Amanda, using her incredible organizational talents, finished up the job in a couple of hours.  To think she did it all, and she's six months pregnant with our newest granddaughter!

Lets just say I'm a very happy camper and the Journey's Cargo Carrying Capacity is back well within the proper limits.  I feel sorry for the garbage man, though...

We couldn't have finished the transition from a stix-n-brix to full time RV life without our kid's help.  They all pitched in, one way or another to help us get started on  living our dream.  Tomorrow we pull out for our first full time adventure, to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and then on to Oregon, here we come.  Looking at the Weather Channel, it should be quite a ride!

We'll miss Corey...

...and Amanda.

We'll be back in March to help them welcome their daughter. :c)

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  1. A very productive trip. Looks like your dad had a great 90th!

    Nothing like being organized and under weight. Getting it done by one of the kids -priceless;)

  2. Priceless memories are about to be created!

  3. I feel such a sense of excitement when reading your blog. Oh the adventures u will have!!! Drive careful!

  4. Well you are off to a great start at "Making Memories!"

    Congratulations to Dad and hope he has many more birthday celebrations!

    The Journey looks so tidy and ready to go. So let the adventure begin:o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  5. What a nice party for him! Safe travels, take your time, and enjoy!!

  6. Isn't it wonderful to be able to visit family when and where you want? If your dad really was celebrating his 60th birthday, you'd still be working!!

  7. Your dad is just a year behind mine, the 90th was october 2010. Looks like a great family gathering.

    I can see where you get your quick wit! And it looks like Cory has gotten his good choice in women from you. Very nice things to pass on in a family.

    I want my own Amanda. Don't think I can ask yours to come on down and take care of my mess too. Although if she'd like to see Virginia, there's still a little time. :-)

  8. Moochdocking is especially nice when family pitches in as well! I look forward to your tales on the road.

  9. Any chance you can bring Amanda by Dogpound North, we could keep her busy for most of the summer while we show you guys our beautiful neighbourhood.

  10. Amanda did an amazing job! Lucky you!

    Please, please, please be careful traveling to South Dakota! This in not the time of year to be there in the journey. We had to do it last January but left Lucy parked and flew up one day, back the next.
    Wave to my family in Wisconsin as you go through. They tell me it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas up there :)

  11. Nice to see you got to share that special birthday with your Dad and other family members. The Journey is looking sharp now. Wishing you both safe travels.

  12. Dad really looks like he's going strong. More like 60 than 90. Have a safe journey west.

  13. Sounds as if you already have taken off...lots of memories and good times ahead. Hope to meet you guys on the road soon!

  14. Tell you dad he could pass for 60 - he looks great! Happy take off!

  15. Happy birthday to your dad! He sure doesn't look like he's 90!!

    Safe travels to South Dakota.

  16. your Dad sounds like a real hoot!!..nice before and after transformation!..thank goodness for all the help from Amanda!!

  17. Your Dad looks terrific and I'm sure he appreciated everyone helping him celebrate this wonderful milestone. Your poor sister - five brothers!?!