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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cold, Warm, Cold

This morning we woke up to warmer cold weather.  Or weather that wasn't as cold as yesterday.

First order of business before we departed was to take the Journey to the "potty".  After dumping its tanks, it felt much better.  I know the feeling. ;c)

Yesterday and again today, we had the fun of battling headwinds.  Fortunately, the Journey handles well in the winds, but the fuel mileage sure suffers.  Normally, we average between 7.5 to 8 mpg.  With the wind, we were down in the 6.4-6.5 range.  With diesel running around and average of $3.85 a gallon, seeing those mpg numbers on the Journey's dash computer is not fun ($niff).

So, we're making the best of it, mpg be darned.  Marti spent most of the trip through Nebraska writing out our Christmas cards.

One of the ways we are able to make such mileage on our long travel days is we eat on the road.  Marti prepared some great chow for us.  We have two folding tables that we bought at Walmart for about $8 each that come in so handy.

Today we drove 550 miles, the weather has been sunny, the roads clear so we're trying to make as many miles as we can.  We saw temperatures run from 36 this morning up to 52 degrees in Western Nebraska, to back down to 32 degrees where we stopped for the night, the Super Walmart in Laramie, Wyoming.

Unfortunately, because we're making so many miles, we have to pass on interesting sites we'd love to see.  I've passed under the famous Nebraska Arch now for the sixth time, never being able to stop, but one of these days, we'll get to see the inside. (Just ignore the Dream Catcher hanging from my defroster fan in the blue tint of the windshield).

I have to marvel at technology, we are a connected society today in ways we couldn't even dream about when I was a mere wisp of a lad.

Marti sat on the couch and had a Skype conversation with our grandsons Andrew and Owie back in South Carolina.

The winds finally died off around sunset, we captured the first sunset of our full time life in Wyoming.

As soon as the mpg started picking up again, it began to drop down.  Interstate 80 starts climbing in elevation in Wyoming, up to over 8500 feet.  It is so slight, you don't really notice it.

The generator is running, we have had an nice dinner and we're kicking back an enjoying our satellite TV.  Life on the road is really rough! ;c)

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  1. You certainly are making good time. Enjoy yourselves. You've waited a long time for this.

  2. Sounds like you are finally really enjoying the rv life!

  3. You are really moving! We have never come close to 550 miles in a day"

  4. I'm not going to say you sound like you're enjoying the RV life because you really aren't yet, at least IMO. But you are making fantastic headway on the mileage and that is a great thing. And being able to stay in touch is definitely one of the joys of life on the road. Hoping the weather continues to cooperate for you to get to Oregon.

  5. You are moving right along! The folding table idea is great! Beats my feet on the dash with the puter on my lap! Thanks for the great idea! Be safe out there.

  6. looks like the two of your are utilizing your time well..eating, driving, writing cards and skype! about a multi-tasking trip of a life time!!!

  7. Gee I wish my daughter would get Skype!!!! I have to admit - I was worried about your going through Wyoming, but you seem to be doing fine. Safe travels!!!

  8. Paul

    If you ever get back to tour the Arch plan on staying a couple of days and go about 20 miles south to Minden and tour the Pioneer Village.
    Also, go about 45 miles east and tour the Stuhr Museum of Pioneer Prairie.

    Bill in Nebr.

  9. That is some snack that Marti prepared! And so healthy. You are making great time. And breaking in that big diesel engine.

  10. Nice travelling adventure you are having. It appears you two are not concerned about wearing seat belts while on the road. Remember they call them accidents because nobody plans on being in one! I hope you have a safe trip. Okanagan Al.

  11. Lots of miles in a little time. But it will be so much fun to spend extra time with your Grand-daughters!!

    You are just scoping out the country for your return trip ;o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  12. Reminds me of our trip from Oregon bringing the Phaeton home. With no extra days to dally, along the way we pressed on for miles on end each day. Passing by several interesting sites, we vowed that the next time we came through the area we'd stop. And we wil :-)))

  13. Good deal multi-tasking! You'll be in Oregon before you know it, and after the time spent with family, we'll be hearing about your longer adventures in other places.

  14. I'm finding it very interesting to hear how you are managing in the cold climate...not that I ever intend to do the same. :)

  15. Beautiful Sunset- glad the weather is cooperating

  16. Brrrr just looking at that snow.
    Sure glad it hasn't been in your way so far.

    Are you using a Verizon Aircard for Marti to Skype or??????????

    You definitely don't seem to need to hook up to any campgrounds. Next RV rally you need to do a seminar on driving a week, camping for free and still having TV, Skype and everything else once you are stopoped.

    What times do you get started and quit approx to get in these 550 mile days?? You are inspiring me to cut out the PPA overnight stops.

  17. and why are you in the snow and cold again???? BURRRRR we did it once and never again if we can help it!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  18. you are making excellent time...and seem to be enjoying the safe out there...

  19. Nothing like some healthy snacks while driving. You guy's have been making up the lost time, won't be long now till you are with the kids and can slow down and enjoy the holidays. Glad things are going well now. Safe travels.