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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Lemonade

I didn't sleep too well last night.  I guess it was from a repressed fear of alarm clocks.  I knew we had to have the Journey ready to go at 6 am, so I set the clock for 5:15.  Plenty of time to get up, get ready and move things around to be ready for the Freightliner technician.  Plus Marti would have a chance to make some of the foul and evil liquid called coffee.  For some reason it always picks her up.

I kept staring at the alarm clock, then my wrist watch.  Did I set it right?  How much time is left to sleep?  What if it doesn't go off and the Freightliner technician wakes me while I'm still wearing my Sponge Bob PJs?

Well, it all worked out okay.  The clock went off correctly.  I got up.  Marti got up, under protest.  At least when she got some of the foul and evil liquid (FAEL) in her, she actually smiled.  A very small one, but a smile.

At five minutes to 6, I walked in to the Service Department.  The door was open and the shop was empty.  After a few minutes, the service adviser came in, followed by a gaggle of techs.  The adviser checked with the shop foreman and then said they'd come over and knock on our door when they were ready for us, about 7 or 7:30.

No problem, I went back to the Journey and laid down on the couch to grab a couple of those ZZZs I missed from last night.  In no time, I was in a deep sleep.  At 7:15 there was a knock on the door which jarred me out of my wood sawing.  The tech was ready for the Journey.  I handed him the keys and Marti and I jumped in the Element, intent on a nice breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

We used the GPS on Marti's I-Phone to find one and guide us there.  It said the closest CB was about 5 miles away.  20  miles later, after wandering around DLC (dazed, lost and confused) we found it and had a good meal.  Then we decided to look around the Hersey, PA area and find a McDonald's so Marti could try and get her new I-Pad connected.  A little more DLC and we finally found one.

I bought Marti a new I-Pad2 for an early Christmas present and figured she'd enjoy using it on our travels instead of her usual position.

However, the I-Pad didn't want to connect to our aircard/router system so she could go on line.  At McDonald's she was able to get things set up so now it works fine in the Journey.

While we were out, the Freightliner service adviser called.  The tech confirmed the alternator is bad and will need replacing.  The fly in the ointment is the nearest one is in Memphis, TN and can be overnighted for $50 if I want to pick up that cost.  I told him yes and it should be arriving sometime between 7 and 11 am.

So it is another night at Camp Freightliner.  I guess the Good Lord needed to slow us down and let us rest a bit, we've been pushing very hard these last few weeks to get out on the road and we are both pretty worn down.  We'll enjoy the rest, take a tour of the Christmas special light show at Hersey tonight and then  get a good night's sleep.  I know the alarm clock works now.

Making Lemonade from the Lemons.

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  1. I agree with you, a couple of days of forced relaxation is good for you two. I think fate stepped in.

  2. When I saw the post title I said "oh no" as I clicked it. So I'm very happy to hear that it's just a few snafoos.

    I've given up using our Garmin for the very reasons you cite. At least mine never got me anywhere I actually wanted to go.

    Apparently you did not explain to the Journey that you were leaving town forever now and it should let you know of any upcoming problems before you left?

    Hope all goes well and you can get to South Dakota before the winter is over. I know you are anxious to see that snow. :-)

  3. Well the two of you are doing a great job of not letting Murphy get the best of you. Hope to hear that you are on your way down the road tomorrow. Enjoy the light show in Hershey. Glad Marti got her I-Pad2 working.

  4. I have never been able to trust alarm clocks either, always use a backup when it is important. I trust my phone alarm than others.

    Sure are getting a good break in at full timing with camping at a service facility right away. We did not have to do that until several months on the road:(

  5. Chuck makes a good point. I'm sure you were looking forward to staying over night in a repair facility. I'm quite an expert on that and can understand your joy! :)

  6. Sure hope they send the right part the first time! Keep the sugar out for the Lemonade.

  7. That's the attitude ... the RVing life style requires that we all enjoy lemonade ... whether we want to or not.

  8. Good for you. . .sounds like you are coping great!


  9. Get some rest and relaxation. Fate definitely has set in to slow you down!!

    It will all work out the way it is suppose to... it always does ;o))

  10. I use my iPhone for those early morning alarm settings. For an hour prior, I set it every 15 minutes. Needless to say, I hardly sleep at all.

    You won't find any Cracker Barrel restaurants in Oregon so eat your fill on the way.

    Sounds like you're doing fine .....

  11. Yep, life on the road in an RV. Hopefully tomorrow you will be on the road toward SD. Life is good and so is lemonade.

  12. Oooh, Hershey Christmas lights are pretty cool. Hopefully you will be getting outta town before the snow falls tomorrow night :(

  13. Aren't you glad you are not on "vacation" watching the days go by. A few nights in the parking lot is nothing when you have the rest of your lives to travel!

  14. love your description of Marti's drink of choice in the morning!..what ever works to make the wife happy!!...hope you sleep better tonight!

  15. Camp Freightliner- a new adventure. Enjoy your stop over, relax, watch some TV.

  16. sounds like the ole fate is making you take time to rest..and glad to see your making lemonade out of lemons :) good outlook...we threw away the alarm clock upon retirement and Rick stopped wearing a watch (I can't go without my watch)...I use my crackberry if I have to set an alarm for any reason...good luck with the repairs hope the alternator arrives on time as promised...enjoy Hershey we loved it...