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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shared The Lemonade

Despite all the drama over the repair bill, we both slept like babies.  Even with all the trucks driving in and out of the Camp Freightliner shop (open 6 am to midnight), nothing bothered us.  At 8 am we went in to meet with the service manager.

My first thought was to send Marti in to see the service manager (Rob) before she had her FAEL (foul and evil liquid - coffee) but that was not a good idea, I might have had to use my money for bail instead of paying for the repair.

Rob apologized for the mistake his service advisor had made over the Cat warranty and made the call to our extended warranty company (The Choice).  Of course, the RV division of the warranty company didn't come in until 9 am.  Back to the Journey in the lot for breakfast.

At 9, back to see Rob.  Rob called again and the warranty company was receptive to covering the repair within their guidelines.  They would research the cost of the alternator and the labor and call Rob back.

10 am, 11 am came and went.  At 11:15, they called back and would cover the entire cost of the alternator and most of the labor.  Rob discounted his labor rate as a courtesy for the mistake, instead of the RV labor rate of $150/hour, he gave us the truck rate of $112/hour.  The warranty company would only pay $96/hour of the labor.  We had to pick up the difference, as well as the sales tax and the cost for the overnight shipping that I had authorized.  So on our bill, we had to only pay out of pocket about $300 of a nearly $1250 bill.  It was a fair compromise, so we shared the lemonade all around with the warranty company, Freightliner and ourselves. 

We had already hooked up the Element, so by 1130, we were on our way, doing the where-are-we and where-are-we-going routine until we found the way out of Harrisburg, PA.

Tonight we're staying at another Flying J in Ohio, sorry no pictures tonight, the Internet connection is slow.  Despite the late start, we drove almost 300 miles before stopping for the night.  Maybe tomorrow we'll get an early start, then again, maybe not.  We're retired!  :c)

Only 2750 miles to Astoria, Oregon.

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  1. And it's finished and that's what counts and you're on your way AND you are RETIRED!!! Don't you both just love it and wonder why you couldn't have spent your whole life with such freedom? I sure do!

    Safe travels on your way west and tell that Journey to behave.

  2. Glad things worked out and you're finally on your way someplace. Having to pay $300 sure beats paying for the whole bill!! Take it easy the rest of the way and try to stay out of trouble.

  3. So happy things worked out well; I loved your final comment -- time isn't so much of an issue when you're on your own time, right?! :)

  4. Two states down and a zillion more to go! At least you are on the road again. I'd sing it for ya, but you wouldn't like that.

  5. Glad you shared that lemonade. And you're on the road. That's even more exciting.

  6. Good to hear about the compromise ... now for another good night's rest before you finally get on the road the way you intended to in the first place.

  7. Although you still had to pay a bit, I'm so glad it all came out as it did. I hope we do as well with similar negotiations.

    300 miles is a good drive.

  8. Nice to hear that you are on your way. Wishing both of you safe travels.

  9. The vast majority of Home Depot's will let you overnight if you ask at the customer service desk, and most of the have free wi-fi. Much quieter than either Walmart or Flying J.

    Just our opinion.

  10. Astoria is a great place to be headed!
    Check in often.

  11. you will be in Astoria in no time!!..whizzing on down the highway! travels to you!!-

  12. With the right attitude, things always work out... Glad all is fixed and you are on your way!!

    That Retired thing sure looks great... Enjoy the Journey!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  13. The trials and tribulations of the newbies in this lifestyle hardly escapes anyone...we read about them in all the blogs and we have a million stories to tell of ours.

    The thing we know for sure is that they will pass as soon as you learn the lessons that life is trying to send your way.

    Safe travels and hope to meet up with you guys on the road somewhere soon!

  14. Glad your on your way, enjoy the ride!!!

  15. As the saying goes: That is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick:)