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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Time, Time, Time

One aspect of our cross country dash we didn't expect was the jet lag.  Okay, we didn't quite travel as fast as a jet, but the trip has left us dragging our you-know-whats and feeling slightly out of sorts.

Call it Time Zone Lag.

We've lived most of our lives in the East Coast and our body clocks are conditioned for that time zone.  Now that we're on the West Coast and on Pacific Time, we haven't yet seemed to get a handle on adjusting to that time zone, our body clocks seem to resist changing over.  By 8 PM, we're yawning and suffering from droopy eye syndrome, ready for bed.   Determined to stick it out and stay up to 10 or 11 PM before hitting the sheets doesn't seem to produce good results.  By 3 AM, our eyes are popped open and we're ready to start the day, after all on the East Coast, this was our normal 6 AM wake up time.

Even more fun is trying to remember all our family that is still in the East Coast time zone.  Marti just realized she missed a call from her sister in Rhode Island and at 8:30 PM (PT), she just picked up her phone and called her sister and wondered why there was no answer.  Maybe it's because her sister is already in bed?

Then we have the fun with our DirecTV Distant Network Service (DNS).  It is TV service for full time RVers.  You get all the DirecTV channels and the local networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS) are based on the time zone your billing address is in.  Our billing address is Sioux Falls, SD, which is in the Central Time zone.  When we're planning to watch one of our favorite shows, we find ourselves trying to add or subtract hours to make sure we going to be able to watch the show.  I think I need to get a little clock, set it to Central Time and hang it somewhere near the TV so we'll know for sure when our show comes on.

One thing that is for sure, even when we wake up at 3 AM, it's not because of having to go to work.  We're retired and have plenty of time to adjust to these time zones. :c)

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  1. Sounds like you are running into what my friend "Retired Rod" calls RV'ers midnight.

  2. We have Dish with Distant Networks but when we move our coach for a period of time from one place to another, we call and have our location changed. Thus, our schedule time changes to where we are. Don't know if it works the same for Direct but maybe.

  3. welcome to our time the time you get use to will be heading on out again!!..

  4. The good news ... you can take your time on future cross-countries :-)))

  5. You can change the time zone on Direct TV with your remote, just enter the following:
    System setup
    Time zone
    Then enter the proper time zone.

  6. I DVR all my favorite shows to avoid watching commercials, so the time zone changes don't effect my viewing. :)

  7. After six years of trying to figure out our DirecTv times, we followed the directions given by your commenter, PalmsRV. It works!! Thanks Paul for voicing your DirecTv issue, thus a fix.

  8. Even after three years of being on the road and actually slowing down our travels, I still have trouble with the time zone changes and then you throw in DST and the fact that AZ doesn't participate and I never know for sure what time it is anywhere.

  9. Won't be long, you won't have to worry about that dreaded time zone lag. You'll just be cruzing along at our own pace, in no hurry to get anywhere............ahhhhh Retirement.

  10. You learn something new every day! Thanks, PalmsRV! For 10 years I just put up with that time difference.

    Oh, and I love your self-portrait, Paul.

  11. Interesting. Although we have DirectTV, we have a really old box. But since I now knew it was possible, I found it under Menu, System Setup, and Prefs. I'm happy.

  12. Finally getting caught up and reading that you are in Oregon! Welcome! Although your part of Oregon and mine are very different, we are at least in the same time zone. I loved the photo of the silly clock, by the way. Too cute. It's just how I feel sometimes when traveling.

  13. I'm with Jim and Sandie. I never, no matter how slowly we moved, got used to the time shifts. With standard time, time zones, daylight savings, ARizon and is it Indian that don't do daylight (only two places with any brains), I think you just have to give it up and hope you are out of your campsite on time and not trying to get into the next one before time. Otherwise, why do we care? :-))))

  14. Been there done that in 2008. One week convention, then Kennedy Space Center,Everglades, Alamo, Tombstone, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Vegas, Yellowstone Park, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, back home for work on a Monday, 7,000 miles in 6 weeks. Lots of tours and attractions all along the route. Terible on the biological clock but worth every second.

    It's about time>