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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Marti's Musings: Adjusting

Well, here I am 24 hours into my first full retirement day.  Everyone asks me how it feels.  Hmmm.  Sorry to say, it feels the same.  Here's why:

Yesterday, although it was my last work day, there still was much work to be done, not counting trying to clean out my office.  I had been trying to do that all week long, amidst the normal busy days - add to that a constant stream of people stopping by to say goodbye - and well?  Let's just say, I have already had to contact a friend at work and ask him to go grab the briefcase I forgot.  *sigh*  Yup, he will be mailing it out.  So, it was very hectic, very emotional last day - 5+ years is a long time in my business, and because I opened that building, it kinda felt like 'my baby'.  I must admit, with embarrassment, that the office was left rather a mess.  My replacement was there on/off during the week - and as she is rather new in the job wanted several items I left behind.  I am sure there are things she didn't want, too, but she can pitch whatever, with my blessings.  (except the briefcase! yikes!)

So, after getting a later start than we planned on (don't tell me you are surprised at that); we headed to NJ, via PA.  The beltway around DC, especially on a Friday afternoon, is horrendous.  Paul affectionately calls it 'the evil road'.  So, rather than sit for hours (been there, done that) on the beltway, we took a longer route and ended up overnighting in PA at a Flying J.  Conveniently, there was a Denny's (yuck, breakfast was awful) and a Dunkin' Donuts right there.  yum!  Love, love, love DD coffee, kinda made up for the bad food. 

We got to son, Corey's, house and had a quick burger before we headed to the party for Paul's Dad's 90th birthday.  It was a great time, and ALL 6 kids made it.  A rare treat.  Tonight, we are 'mooch-docking' in Corey's driveway.

At this time, all are asleep except me.  As usual.  Last night, after the emotional and crazy day, I was so wired I couldn't sleep.  Technically, my license covered the building until midnight.  All I could think was:  what if there is a fire?  I left the (dreaded) cell phone with the new girl, they can't reach me.  I finally went to bed at 11:45 but saw the clock at 12:01.  Then again at 1:30, when the guilts kicked in.  sheesh.  So, up I get - go read, play my DS and surf the 'net.  Back to bed at 3am, awake at 5:45, and we get up for breakfast and hit the road by 8:30.  Guess I know why I don't feel any different yet.  Sleepless nights.  Still. 

Tonight, I am looking at MORE stuff that needs to find a home:  stuff for in here, trash, donation, or store at Corey and Amanda's.  I finally found a home for almost everything from the house: (oh, where do I put my craft stuff??) and then we emptied my car to sell it - more stuff; and then my office stuff.  Good grief!

On top of that, I have Christmas presents, as we are carrying gifts to the west coast family, from the east coast family.  Shipping packages can cost more than the actual gift! Plus, some Christmas paper and decorations we will use, once we get to OR - I want our home to be festive, at least a little bit!

I asked a seasoned FT RVer, Linda, how long it takes to settle in....  I understand from her, and some other folks that have been at it a while, that it is a continual process as you weed out, move around, and settle in.  I would just like to have more than one place to sit!

Tomorrow, we go see Corey play a soccer game, and I hope to use my talented DIL Amanda, to organize the piles I am looking at.  She is really good at keeping me reality focused:  "how many (fill in the blank)s do you need?  pick one, or two" 

So, as it nears midnight, I am hoping the melatonin will kick in, and I can get some sleep....  maybe in a few days it will feel like I am retired, when Monday morning rolls around and I don't have to turn off the alarm, and head to the office.  Maybe it will be when we are midway to South Dakota, or in Oregon.  Sure will enjoy it, whenever it hits.   For now, I will enjoy the time with Corey and Amanda - despite the piles - and try to learn to relax.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave a comment.   ~Marti


  1. You are still going to feel like you're on vacation and everything has to be done at a break neck speed for probably the first year on the road. At least that's how it was for me. It takes a while to figure out what you really need and what you don't need to be on the road. We have been on the road three years and this last summer we hauled out a bunch of stuff. I think it multiplies by itself. And in a week or so you should find yourself sleeping better than you ever have. So hang in there, it does eventually feel like life.

  2. yes give it time is a new adjustment period..soon you will be telling others how to get through it!..sleep well..enjoy the kids and the grandkids!!

  3. Oh Martin, I can so relate. Spinning brain is still an affliction even after retirement but much less so. Somewhere along the road it will quiet down. I had to laugh reading your post because I am reading it on the iPhone at 4am afflicted with the same spinning brain. Sounded soo familiar!

  4. iPhone didn't want me to type Marti I guess

  5. Ok Marti, take a deep breath and repeat after me... "I do not want to wind up like that crazy couple who traveled the country and forgot to take time to enjoy it ;o(("

    Everything will fall into place... you just need to give it time!!

    Focus on the important stuff, you and travel and Oh yea, Paul ;o))

    We are so excited and happy for the two of you. We are smiling for you :o))))))

    Just remember to ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!!

    Hugs, Nancy

  6. I frequently wake up in the middle of the night, but I don't worry about it one bit. I read blogs or watch tv and when I get sleepy I go back to sleep. Now that you're retired, you can take an afternoon if you like.

    We just changed motor homes a few months ago and we're still changing things around. We've been living in our Motor home one year and are continually getting rid of things.

    You'll get there.

  7. Oh, I feel for you. I cannot wait until I can sleep through the night not worrying about work. One of the things I will enjoy the most! Sunday afternoons come, and I get this sinking feeling in my gut. We've only lived in the RV here for 2 months, and it's already starting to come together, space-wise. It'll come..hang in there!

  8. As others have said, give the work thing time. Work is a huge part of our lives and there is a void when it is gone.
    We are still settling in the MH. We took some more "stuff" to goodwill on Friday. You will get there!

  9. If you find a way to stop the brain spinning at warp speed, do let us know ... it's a common affliction I think. I'm not sure mine will really stop doing that, but I hope it will slow down a bit after I retire.

  10. Well I am not sure it ever goes away, but the sleepless nights sure get easier to take. Once I retired for the third time I realized that if what my brain wants to do is read blogs at 3:30AM, well that's what we can do. We'll just sleep in a little when the morning comes. And if we are busy this morning there is always tomorrow morning. Or a nap in the afternoon, after all I am retired!

  11. You've still got a lot planned before you can relax in Oregon. It's no wonder your mind is racing.

  12. I got your brief case. Just let me know where to mail it. Enjoy...
    your freedom to do the unimaginable...

  13. Deep breath Marti! Now, repeat :)

    It doesn't happen overnight. You may always wake up in the middle of the night thinking about something. I do, but it's sure not work anymore! If I can't go back to sleep I get up and read blogs as many others have mentioned. When you're retired, you can sleep when you want to :) It'll come, but you can't rush it.

  14. You sound rather stressed for a retried person:)Letting go is one of things that will make retirement enjoyable.

    I always reminded those who were retiring after a long an successful career that they need to just walk away. No one is irreplaceable, and when you accept that and it is not your problem anymore-you will really begin to enjoy the new reality.

    Have fun!

  15. Marti we sold our business and retired in june..and I'm just adjusting (or so I tell myself) to it now..somewhat...I was 'befuddled' for quite awhile...missing the 'structure' when you have structure for so long and you flip the switch it takes awhile to folks have had a busy busy past couple of look how far you've come..I remember morning getting up and into my office by 5am and having a full days work done before the employees showed up..I suffer from what I call 'brain chatter'...the ole brain just won't shut down at night..I'm up and down and up and down..but being can sleep a little later and grab an afternoon nap if necessary..I'm starting to get the hang of this...practise makes perfect my dear...I'm still practising :)

  16. I tell everybody this story. When I sold my house and went on the road I wondered how I would feel since I'm basically a real homebody. Within a week, I realized that my home is always with me! (Luckily, since I had burned my bridges.) I'm sure you'll be fine.