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Friday, December 9, 2011

Who Turned Off The Heat?

Wow, a whole day of travel with no interruptions, problems or breakdowns.  We must have kicked Murphy to the curb (knock on wood!).

When we left Harrisburg, PA yesterday, we had to drive up through the mountains of NW PA.  We ran into the first snow we've seen this winter.

We started thinking we were going in the wrong direction.

A night at a Flying J in Ohio and then on the road this morning at 9:45.  Nice not to be at Camp Freightliner anymore.

Driving along Interstate 80, we saw the remains of a slight snowstorm, only a couple inches, but the roads were clear and dry.  Marti used some of the trip to write a bunch of Thank You cards for all the gifts she received at her retirement party.

Even though the weather was mostly clear, the temperature kept dropping.  I'm seeing the choice we made not to go to South Dakota was another one of my rare moments of brilliance.

Tonight, after driving 450 miles, we are "Wally Docking" (aka staying at Walmart) in Illinois.  We needed to stock up on some food, so it worked out well.  Before we went in, we needed to take the precaution of disconnecting the small plastic water line that runs to the refrigerator ice maker.  It is exposed to the weather by the vent on the side of the Journey.  If that line were to freeze and split, well, it would not be a simple repair.

I disconnected the line on the back of the 'fridge, then crawled under the sink to disconnect the line at the supply end.

With both ends of the line disconnected, I was able to blow all the water out with a couple of breaths.  Problem solved.  Despite the size of the Journey, it is tight to get at some places, including the line under the sink.  Disconnecting the line took three hands, one for the wrench, one for the pliers and one for the flashlight.  Not being blessed with three hands, I used another method to hold the light.

Despite the freezing weather, we're warm and toasty inside the Journey.  I have the engine block heater on keeping the Cat diesel heating so it'll start up fine in the morning when we leave, or maybe the afternoon, who knows, we're retired!

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  1. sounds like you are headed in the right direction! on 'Macduff'!!!

  2. Was that snow? I hope that's the only snow we see this winter! Hopefully, you won't see any more either. Smart move to bypass South Dakota.

  3. I see Marti is using her Longaberger baskets? As we purge our home, I keep finding them. I thought I had sold 90% of mine just before the value fell. The roadside snow pictures are beautiful. Stay warm and be safe!

  4. We are sitting here in the southern end of Ontario and haven't seen that much snow yet this season.

    A little tip would be to install a shutoff at the water supply and a drain in the line to your icemaker, so it could be simply accessed through the outside refrigerater panel. Do that simple modification and the next time you have to clear that line it should take you at most a minute and with you standing rather than the afternoon siesta position.

    It's about time.

  5. No more snow!!! That's my Christmas wish for you.

  6. Hope you stay warm and comfy and don't encounter any more snow.

  7. Glad to see your progress after that alternator problem. We started our 'life on the road' 10 days ago, travelling the opposite way, WA to CA, and although cold at night, the daytime sun and 60's have been great. We have stayed in Casino parking lots, fairgrounds, and campgrounds, and its only been just over a week. A thought about your refrigerator water line, caution is always great, but the back of the refer compartment is very warm. Living in ours last year, even down to single digits, we had no problem, that ice just kept on a coming!

  8. Actually, we think you are 'froze' Murphy out!!

    He jumped ship for one headed south once he realized you were heading towards winter instead of away from winter ;o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  9. Good to hear Murphy has been knocked to the curb (knock on wood) ... I like Marti's little table. I use my laptop table to do things while on the road, but a table like that might be in my full timing future :-)))

  10. Glad to know you are safe! 450 miles is hauling. My posterior hurts just thinking about it.

  11. It is good to see you enjoying your retirement and taking your time on your adventure...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  12. Now my back hurts...450 miles, laying down under the sink..sigh.
    George is worried about things freezing in the Montana while we are parked I said, he's got 4 space heaters and the fireplace going. We're keeping our fingers crossed. Looks like a winter fortress outside too!

  13. Glad you are well on your way. It definitely was brilliant by-passing SD!

  14. Snow in the mountains, the only way to make a beautiful sight that much better. Just a thought, couldn't you wrap some pipe foam around that hose?? should keep it from freezing.

  15. Hey Marti! I'm very sorry I missed your retirement party...heard it was a lovely event. I'll be following your adventure with great interest and taking notes. God willing, I'll be able to do the very same thing y'all are doing in about 7 years. Fair winds and safe travels, Helen G

  16. Coast Guard ingenuity:) I keeping planning on getting one of the lights that clip to you ball cap, of course I have been thinking about that for five years:(

  17. Good to hear that your well on your way. Safe travels to both of you.

  18. The pictures of the snow are really pretty. I'm glad that I didn't see any ice on the road. Safe travels to ya.