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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fun With The Girls

Our rush to drive from Virginia to Oregon has been worth every second it took to get here.  We've been busy making up for all the months that passed since we last saw our granddaughters Taylor and Kierra.

Marti brought all kinds of things to do with them, along with the crafts they worked on, nothing was more important than...baking Christmas cookies!

Decorating the cookies was lots of fun, too.

Even Daddy Ryan had to try his hand at it.

The finished product.

Cookies were done just in time to leave some out for Santa.  Taylor has been learning about good nutrition in school.  She made sure that only four cookies were left out for Santa because she didn't want him to get sick from too many sweets and not be able to finish delivering toys to other kids.

Taylor was also concerned about Santa's reindeer, so she put out a bowl of water and some celery and carrots for them to snack on.

Christmas morning was enjoyable watching the girls open their presents.

Then it was off to church where we watched the girls sing in their kids choir.

The day after Christmas was also special.  It was Taylor's sixth birthday.  She got a keyboard.  She loves music.

She read all her birthday cards to Mimi.

The one thing the girls have enjoyed the most is sleep overs in Mimi and Pa's camper.

We are so thankful to be fulltimers now.  None of this would have been possible in our former working lives.  It is nice to have an extended visit with our kids and granddaughters.  It was worth every bit of work it took to get us here.  We sure are blessed.  :c)

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  1. Even though our future plans call for being in a warmer climate during most of the winter months, we will never miss seeing the looks on the little ones faces on Christmas day. It's worth anything we give up for those moments.

    It's about time.

  2. It is worth whatever it takes to make those memories!!!

    Precious Moments:o))

    Happy New Year too ;o))

  3. Isn't that what this life is all about. Being where we want, when we want to be there and for as long as we want. How will you ever leave those precious two??

  4. Very, very, nice. So glad everything came together for you, so that you could share Christmas with them!

  5. at that age, every moment you spend with those grands is priceless. . .treasure every second!


  6. A Christmas to remember for sure.

  7. They will remember this forever. The stories they will tell their children will keep you alive forever. I'm glad you had all had a wonderful time!!

  8. So neat to read about the great time you're having with the girls. And the joy they are bringing into your lives. Those Christmas cookies sure do look good.

  9. these memories of this Christmas are worth every mile and every tank of fuel that it took to be with those two beautiful girls!!...and your son and daughter in law too!!

  10. What delightful photos of the cookie baking!!! You sure had a wonderful time and love love love the pic of the girls in the camper. That makes it all so worthwhile, don't it?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. We're available if those sweet chefs ever need some cookie taste testers. :-)

  12. What a perfect Christmas! Which cookie did you decorate? At Ron's daughter's house, we all do at least one. Now even the kids' cookies look better than mine.