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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Contributing To The Delinquency Of Minors

Little guys are handy to have around, in fact, they even enjoy lots of the things we do.  Some of it is to our shame.

For example, at Saturday's football game, Andrew’s team won, even though the day was really hot.


Owie was a little embarrassed at Mimi Marti’s sun protection get up, so he put on his Green Lantern mask, so as not to be recognized by any of his friends.  Of course with the mask, he was only too happy to sit on Marti’s lap.


Later on, I put the boys to work.  Child labor laws?  What’s that?

A while back, I broke the body on one of our scooters taking it out of the Element.  I bought the replacement  parts and Andrew, Owie and I took on the project to fix the scooter.


They were very helpful, especially when it came to finding the nuts and bolts that Pa dropped down into the inner workings of the scooter.


We got it all done and the scooter looks as good as new.


On the weekends, the boys enjoy sleepovers at our “house”.  Andrew is quite the chess hound and whips my butt with embarrassing regularity.


Later, Owie and I worked on a 3D puzzle of, what else?  A Coast Guard helicopter.  I was glad he was able to figure how the puzzle pieces went together and he showed me up!


I’m thinking I’m seeing a pattern here. ;c)

Today, we further put them on another slippery slope…


They latched on to the whole concept and in a couple of hours found four out of five caches we looked for.




They both signed the log books in the caches.



They really enjoyed hunting for the caches.  It’ll be even more fun when we get Marti’s new GPS figured out completely. 

It doesn’t matter what we do with the boys, they love every minute of the time spent with them.  The memories we’re making are priceless.  All our efforts to go fulltime in our Journey have been worth it.  :c)

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  1. What FUN!! Our gang loves to go geocaching also. What a wonderful way to spend time together in the great outdoors!!!

  2. Lucky lucky boys! Lucky lucky you two! You definitely made your retirement dream come true!

  3. How nice to be spending quality time with those boys. You guys are going to have to give geocaching lessons....maybe we can get George hooked.. :)

  4. Looks like your training the next generation of body shop men in spite of the child labor laws.

  5. They are just adorable boys. I really like the picture of the three of you looking through the bike part. It's a keeper.

  6. Remind me never to play Chess with Andrew. . . .

  7. Nothing quite like spending time with the grands. It's an investment that will always pay dividends.

  8. Don't feel bad, it is just that the kids have fresh brains:)

  9. You captured everything I would have written here when you said, "The memories we’re making are priceless." The memories are as priceless for you as they are for them. What a wonderful time you all are having.

  10. They are really adorable kids - glad you are having a great time.

  11. Yup. You have adorable grandkids! Such good helpers too :)

  12. We love geocaching too. It is just frustrating when you know you are right near one and it doesn't appear to be there. Then you go online later and other hunters make comments like they heard the cache has been removed from that spot.

  13. I have a hat like Marti's. We were dressing to go to the beach last weekend and little 2 year old Chelsea takes one look at me and says:

    "Grandmawww take that off!"

    'nuff said

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  14. I would think geo-caching with kids would be fun. It's a good way to get them outdoors.

  15. Your lil boys are very cute. Seems like you have a great time with your boys. Keep posting please!