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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Turkey Creek Campground Is Flooded

We are here in Branson at the Escapees Turkey Creek Campground.  We arrived and got set up and felt a little lonely, there were not many other RVers here.


Turkey Creek is a nice campground, with good FHU sites, nice showers, laundry and an activities center.


We picked up my dad and Marti’s sister Gail at the Springfield/Branson airport (about an hour North of Branson).  In no time Marti and Gail were looking over all the brochures and coming up with a list of the shows we’re going to see.


Then it happened, the flood began.  The whole campground was engulfed.

There was an Escapees Escapade in Sedalia, MO over the last couple of days, and with its conclusion came a flood of RVs that had attended.  Before we could blink, the campground was flooded with RVs of every size and shape.




It’s okay, everyone is nice and friendly.  Probably over the next couple of days, the “flood” will gradually drain away.  That’s the beauty of having an RV and being able to move wherever you want.  It’s working well for us.

We’re looking to see a number of shows and attractions over the next ten days.  It’s nice to have time to spend with family.

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  1. That's a much better "flood" then the one I first thought about. Definitely a great stop over after leaving Sedalia. Looking forward to your reviews of the shows you're going to see.

  2. Whew...much better flood than well let's just say a much better type of flooding! Enjoy!

  3. You had me worried there for a minute!

  4. I thought your title was literal. The year we were at Turkey Creek, they had been flooded. That creek looks calm, but you never know. Have fun in Branson.

  5. Oh, and I highly recommend Six as the show to see. Google 'six branson' and you can read about them.

  6. Sounds like you'll have a great time!

  7. I remember your last post about a trip to Branson with your dad. He was a favorite of all the gals. Can't wait to read about this one.

    I think you sucked us all into thinking you were in a literal flood and I know you did that on purpose didn't you now? :-)))

  8. My heart sank 30ft. when I first read your post. You should be rained on! You got us, that's for sure. Enjoy the shows.

  9. I remember that last post of your dad in Branson too. Be sure to get a picture of him with the ladies! :-)

  10. Having time with family is the best. Enjoy yourselves regardless of the flood.

  11. We second the nod to see Six, also see Shoji.

  12. Look on the bright side, maybe you can have a flood party:)