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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Physician Heal Thyself

My "depredation of freedom", as threatened by my "FBI" letter that locked up my computer did not happen.  So to all my friends that offered, you can put your files back in your tool boxes until next time I get myself into some kind of weird trouble.

The campground remained quiet, no black helicopters, or SWAT teams appeared.  The virus, however, persisted.  I received a remedy link from my computer security software company and I was able to download it via a restart of my computer in a safe mode.  However it did not appear to work.  More checking around in the Microsoft Security Center gave me a phone number to call to get live help from a real human being.  I thought I'd save that for today.

The virus did keep me awake last night so I got out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to fiddle some more, to no avail.  I did look into the program that Sherry recommended, but I thought I'd try the other security software that I've already paid for first, and then try to talk to Microsoft's free help before I bought more software remedies.  Thanks, Sherry!

After a couple of fruitless tries on the remedy link, I gave up and went back to bed around 5 am.

Today, after some chores with our tax advisor and a trip to the Veterans Administration Clinic to continue following up on my service connected disabilities, we returned to the Journey.  I rolled up my sleeves, fired up the computer and prepared to do battle with the virus.

To my surprise, my computer booted  right up correctly and the virus was gone.  Everything is running perfectly normal and is ready to go again.  My little backup Netbook can go back into its "In Case of Emergency Break Glass" box once again.

I guess somewhere along the line, the virus removal program worked in the background, despite my best efforts.  Sort of a "Physician, Heal Thyself".  My firewall is back in place and working.  I'm relieved.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging!

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  1. Glad to hear your sick computer has recovered and even happier you didn't have to report to 'stir'.

  2. Glad you got out of jail free and are back in business.

  3. I was waiting for the swat and FBI to arrive and kick in the door. That would make for some great blog pics. Glad to know you're now safe and well.

  4. glad to hear you healed 'cake with a file' is in the mail...will save it for the next person who is in 'big trouble'

  5. Whew, you had me worried there :) Viruses are no fun, glad it all healed itself!

  6. Glad to hear the virus is gone; hopefully without any scars or trails that might lead the "FBI" back to you.

  7. Maybe like a lot of other government programs this one failed and just folded up:) Glad that it is working and your security clearance remains intact:)

  8. Now that's terrific, a computer that fixes itself. If microsoft could perfect that, Apple would be history. BTW, combofix is FREE just in case the villain comes back.

  9. I guess it was just a 24 hour bug. :-D