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Monday, September 17, 2012

Plan “B”

I am getting cured of PDD (Paul Dahl Disorder – driving too many miles in one day).  It is taking some time, but I drove less miles today than yesterday, only 250. 

Be careful, I hear you laughing at me, but remember, Rome wasn’t destroyed in a day.  ;c)

We departed the Raccoon Valley campground this morning, but as always, before I move the Journey, I do a complete walk around, checking to ensure all basement compartment doors are closed and latched, leveling jacks are up, and looking underneath, up and down at windows, awnings, tires and such so I don’t go driving down the road dragging something, or having something flapping in the breeze.


I also look over my tow bar assembly, checking bolts, cables, links and brackets.  I’d hate to have my tow car pass me going down the highway, or arrive at my destination with no car attached.


It poured with rain all day, the wipers got quite a workout.



We often put a meal in our crockpot and let it cook all day while we’re driving.  Along with enjoying the wonderful aromas as we drive, we have a piping hot meal ready to chow down on when we call it a day.

Marti whipped up some barbecue chicken wings in the crockpot and it was bubbling up nicely.  But the best laid plans of mice and men…

A car on the highway suddenly slowed way down and I had to brake hard, not that it was close as I am careful to leave lots of space between the Journey and vehicles in front.  Still, it was a harder than usual stop and…

Bam!  Crash!  The crockpot overturned in the sink and dumped all the chicken.  We lost dinner, but on the bright side, being overturned in the sink, it was not a huge cleanup issue.

Now what to do for dinner?  Enter Plan “B”.  Since we planned on blacktop boondocking at a Flying J anyway, we availed ourselves of their Denny’s restaurant.  It was as usual, hot and mediocre.


Since the RV parking sites are often a little tight and we do like to put out some of the slides, I pulled into a space and left the Element toad slightly canted so anybody pulling up alongside will have to clear the slides.  Yet I can stay completely within my parking space lines.


So for tomorrow, it’ll be another rainy day of driving, but maybe I can drive another 10 or so miles less than today.  It’s all part of the 12 step program to cure myself of PDD.

  We can do it!  :c)


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  1. I fought the same problem. Having at one time driven truck cross country I really had to struggle to shorten the days drive. I have succeeded and with dedication you will too.

  2. Keep it up Paul, you'll get there. We're all cheering for you. Dinner sounded so good and heartbreaking that you had to go to Denny's.

  3. You will get better every day. Bummer about those wings.

  4. Didn't know that it is PC to put out the slides at Flying J. Our first night will be at one in OH. Maybe we can actually sit on our sofa and not sit on the bed the whole time :)

    1. There are no rules and regulations prohibiting you from putting out your slides at Flyin J as long as you can do it safely.

      Sometimes you can park along a curb and extend them over the grass, too. I don't put all my slides out, just the ones on one side so we can be comfortable and I don't have to climb over Marti getting in and out of bed.

  5. Try rubber bands on the crock pot lid when traveling.

    two bands around the lid knob - one wrapped to each handle.

    Dinner sounded goooood.

    Katy in NH

  6. I think you are definitely making progress. 250 is way down from 450. And at 10 miles less a day, you only have 10 days to get down to 150 where I am. :-) But then what will I do if there's no more PDD?

    Denny's, oh poor you guys! Especially after smelling those home cooked wings.

  7. Oooops ... sorry to hear about the loss of your meal! I like Katy's suggestion; will have to remember that when we go tooling down the highway with the crockpot going.

  8. We tow a trailer, and it never dawned on me until reading your post today that cooking could be going on WHILE traveling. Interesting!

  9. You are doing great! Pretty soon, you will be a champ and not a chump! We have found that putting our crock pot in the sink to cook has been our answer to the problem since we experienced the same oops....

  10. Next time a bit a duck tape on the lid might safe the dinner:)

  11. The so-called "rule" regarding slides was something I read that Escapees came up with. You are right. There is no rule but there are usually some that think there are. Wal-Mart has no rules either. Like you, we usually try to position ourselves along a curb or some place else to prevent some jerk from hitting the slide.

  12. Hope your next meal doesn't get dunked in the sink! I love the idea of crock-potting it down the road. I just never think that far ahead!

  13. dinner sounded like it would have been good..I have a dumb question though?..does this mean you have to drive with the generator going?

  14. Like Sue, I was wondering if you run the generator or if you have a 12V crock pot. Good luck on curing your PDD. Is there an APP for that?

  15. I think I would have just picked it back out of the sink and eaten it. Is that bad?

  16. Gah! Losing dinner like that is right up there with spilling beer as far as I'm concerned. Just a tragedy.
    So sorry for your loss. Thankfully there was a Denny's, although I think I'll reserve judgement on eating there. They got good parking lots!

  17. Uh Oh....we went 253 miles yesterday. Hope we have not caught PDD!! Does it start slowy and get worse;o)) We thought we were cured after our first race around the country...have to keep an eye on things.

  18. I hope to get to the point that I can work on my LDD. When we went on vacation for two weeks in May, Charlotte to Memphis - 618 miles, Memphis to Wichita - 577 miles, Wichita to Denver - 519, and then the same on the return.

  19. Bummer on dumping your wings. Hopefully you at least got your AARP 20% off discount at Denny's.

  20. aww so sorry about supper especially after smelling them all day...but better in the sink than on the travels friends...

  21. I'm with Barbara and Ron, wipe them off and put them back. A little dirt and soap residue never hurt anyone and helps with digestion. Then there was the Denny's as backup, tough decision. :)