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Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Never Know What You’ll See Next

Branson, MO has some of the most incredible musical talent in the country.  There are over 100 shows playing through most of the year and they give you a wide choice of what to see.  We’ve seen lots of amazing talented performers so far, but we’ve been surprised by some off the wall items, too.

Marti, my activities director, planned what we were going to see.  She and Gail spread all the show information over the picnic table putting together our schedule.


She got great seats for the shows.


Some shows were family shows, like this one.


When I say family shows, I mean the whole family is involved in the show, all fifty of them!  Brothers, wives and kids.


We got some underway time on the Branson Belle, where they put on a dinner and a show while cruising around Table Rock Lake.



Before the show started, we were able to look around the lake.  My dad enjoyed the view.


We even saw some ducks on the lake.


Some of the shows featured things we’ve never seen before, like this guy:


He had bulb horns of all different notes attached all over his body and play them by using his hands, arms, knees, elbows and legs.


How about this, look closely, each fiddler is playing not their own fiddle, but the one next to them!


A new twist, instead of a fiddle, a full sized harp.


It glowed in the dark!


One performer arrived in the theater via jet pack.


I was thrilled to meet one of my friends from a favorite childhood TV show:


Trigger. Roy Rodger’s horse. (Don’t worry, he’s stuffed!).

And of course, my dad still has all the cute lady performers getting their pictures taken with him.


I’ll do a post on the shows we’ve seen (and will see this week) and our opinions of them.  Have to sign off or I’ll be late for the next show. :cO

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  1. Have fun in Branson! My parents use to have a cabin right off of Table Rock Lake and I spent every other weekend there growing up. Great memories for sure. Back then the only thing in Branson was Presley's and Silver Dollar City and no traffic! If you like to fish, take your dad and rent a boat at Taneycomo and idle up below the dam and drift using salmon eggs. Nice Rainbow trout.

  2. Sounds like a great time. Just remember The Branson Belle does not add sea pay to your retirement.

  3. We've seen the Duttons twice in their winter home in Mesa and think they are great. Looking forward to your show list.

  4. Did Silver Dollar City when the kids were little...20 years ago. I'm sure it is very busy now. The lake is nice.,and so is the scenery.

  5. Have never been there so am looking forward to your critiques. Maybe someday...

  6. Glad to see your dad hasn't lost his charm. :-)

  7. I'm hoping the ship/boat is called a duck? I didn't see any feathers.?? :)

  8. One performer you won't be seeing this time is Andy Williams - RIP.

  9. glad you are all enjoying all the shows...except for Andy Williams, may he rest in peace.

  10. It's been a long time since we've been to Branson. Sure looks like fun. We like the family shows ... whether they are with the whole family performing or just good decent shows for the whole family.

  11. looks like a fun place for sure..and its definitely on our bucket list...enjoy guys...

  12. Boy the things I learn on your blog are just amazing! But the picture I was waiting for was the last one. Your dad is AMAZING!

  13. Pace yourselves, your havin tooooo much fun!!! Enjoy!

  14. You really have been busy! Your dad looks like he's having a ball. He sure doesn't look 90!