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Friday, September 7, 2012

I Did It Twice Today

Get you mind out of the gutter, it’s not what you think.

On today’s agenda, we had some running around to do, with a nice lunch with our daughter, Heather, just to have a few minutes sans kids to catch up on all she and SIL Brian are doing.  We took Heather out for some Mexican food and had a nice time.


Because Heather teaches and is a football mom for Andrew’s team, she had lots on her plate today.  We pitched in to help and picked up the drinks and snacks for tomorrow’s football game, one less thing she had to worry about.  Once we we done with that chore, I did it for the first time.

I turned to Marti and asked if we should drop off the snacks at  Heather’s house or should we just go “home?”

That is when I realized I automatically consider the Journey as our real home and not our RV.  I guess that is an important milestone.

Later on we went on a quest to feed Marti’s newest passion: Geocaching.  She has had lots of fun hunting down the hidden caches, even taking little Owie along with her.  Now that her poison ivy rashes have healed, she decided it is a hobby she wants to keep doing.  We went to several stores trying to find the perfect hand held GPS unit for her, up ‘till now, she’s been using her I-phone and often running the battery down before finding the cache.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any good units, well we did, but they were all out of stock.  So I suggested we go “home” and check on line to see if we could find a store that had some in stock.  I did it again, the Journey is really home.

We found a store that had the unit Marti wanted and dashed off and bought it.  Now Marti is a happy cacher, I mean camper.


I guess we need to stock up on Calamine Lotion!

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  1. Home is the correct term, but you slipped back just a bit by calling Marti a camper. You're getting there though.

  2. I not only call Lucy 'home' but I refer to her as 'the house' sometimes in conversation. If it feels like it, it probably is :)

  3. It didn't take us as long. We have been fulltiming for just over two months and have been calling it home for about 3 weeks. I love my cozy home.

  4. Well done Paul...Winnona is definitely home for me.

    But aren't you in SC?? What is Marti doing in a sweatshirt? It's 90 degrees in Virginia for heaven sake and only in the 70's at night.

    Marti, hope you'll do a full review of your magellan. I've been thinking of getting one and would really like to know how you like it and what it has an doesn't have.

    Tip on poison ivy - get in a hot shower and I mean as hot as you can stand it and rub but don't scratch all the itchies until they don't itch. Lasts about 10 hours for me. Calamine doesn't do a thing. Hope it works for you.

  5. I'm with Gail. I call our RV both "home" and "the house."

    Careful of that poison ivy Marti!

  6. I sometimes wonder what people think when I refer to the motorhome or the other RV as home. I do think it's a milestone.

    I would like geocaching if I could find treasures and really keep them but we have to give them back. I did buy a handheld device for the ATVs but still haven't spent much time trying to figure it out. It's a lot different than the ones we use for our vehicles.

  7. geocaching is a fun way to see places that you wouldn't normally visit!!..we have a gps but find that the Iphone is an easier way to be on the hunt!

  8. I just get confused and call everything home - RV, house, other people's house . . .

  9. Having moved to 18 different 'houses', it was a no brainer to call Baby home. We both feel like HOME is where we live together, not the building or vehicle we live in. Way to go Paul!!

    Marti you are gonna love Huntington Beach SP and the surrounding area...geocaches everywhere:o)))

  10. We think of our motor home as "home" too. It has no name other than "home".

    We like geo-caching too. It's a great way to find interesting little places you won't find on any tourist maps.

    Make sure your Magellan is user friendly and intuitive. Some are so hard to use that you have to constantly read the manual. I had one like that and hated it.

  11. love Geocaching. I found out what stinging nettles were all about on one of our adventures.

    Take Care and have fun

  12. We want (or *I*) want to try geo-caching. George not so much :) I'll have to look into the Magellan GPS. Was thinking of using my smartphone too, didn't think about the battery life. I know GPS sucks up the battery!

  13. Congrats on realizing where home is - that's a big step!

  14. Yes, glad to hear you are now home, isn't that a good feeling!

  15. Glad to hear that from. I enjoyed reading every blog you made. I am happy that you don't let us down. So, keep posting please.!