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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mission Accomplished

No, no this is not about President George W. Bush landing an airplane on an aircraft carrier (wouldn’t do that to you, Sherry!), but a much more important accomplishment for us.

We’ve been enjoying our stay here at “home base” South Carolina, visiting with Andrew and Owie, getting some minor chores done and working hard on getting this retired, relaxing lifestyle down pat.

We got to see Andrew’s first football game of the season.  He is getting to be a big boy, he plays center and hikes the ball to the quarterback.


But no matter how big he gets, his mom will still fuss over him.


Today Marti and I took a little drive, in the Element.  Only about one hundred miles (each way).  It was to remedy a situation that has been bugging me for a long time.


Yes, that missing hubcap that decided to desert us and remain in South Dakota.

I called the Gaffney Freightliner shop last week to see if they had one in stock.  They did, but it was scratched.  Fortunately they had a new shipment due in last Monday.  I double checked yesterday and they put one aside for me.

Off we went to the shop.  It really is an impressive place.  Marti even liked it.


The hubcap was there waiting for us.  A mere $36.22 and we were on our way.  But before we left, I went around back to the bare chassis they keep for their “Getting to know your chassis boot camp” for new Freightliner chassis equipped RV owners.  Since I do much of my own preventive maintenance, I want to snap a couple of pictures to make my tasks easier, once you can see the tight spots, it is easier to maintain them.

A look at the back of the gas pedal and brake pedal.  They have to be lubricated periodically.


The driveshaft yoke and “U” joints should be greased at 5000 mile intervals.


And the air brake filters need to be replaced every three years.  I paid to have it done last time because it was winter.  After what it cost, I’ll be doing it myself, I know I’ll be someplace warmer this winter.


It was nice to have Marti along on the trip.  Of course, she had a different reason to come along.


She wasn’t going to wait around for me, she hustled right in.


She enjoyed herself, me, I was there for the exercise.  I’m proud of her, she only bought some coffee, a bottle of sweet smelling hand sanitizer and lip balm.  Yep, we have room for that. (Phew!)

Back at the Journey I took the new hubcap out of its wrapping.


Turning it over, I looked at the little white tag.  Yep, made in, where else?  China!


Fortunately, it fit like a glove.


Mission Accomplished!  :c)



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  1. One less thing to be thinking about when you're relaxing and enjoying. Jim bought new hub covers for our rig that he's going to put on in AZ and is just as happy as a clam.

  2. Perhaps there should be 'the end' categories? Live 'the end's and manufactured in China 'the end's? Just sayin... :)

  3. You and George are peas in a pod. He couldn't stand it because the decals (?) on the truck's hubcaps came off. He called Phoenix Int'l and they sent them new ones. Boys and their toys (or stuff!). :-)

  4. Paul, I'm sure we will all sleep better tonight knowing the full set of hubcaps is in place. Thanks for fixing the problem.

  5. Way to go Marti. You are definitely getting this full timing thing down. I'm with Judy on "the end". I can't keep up with either the live or the from china so I guess I'll just say may the best THE END win.

  6. Yeah! The Journey is "whole" again!

  7. We have lost three of those little hub caps. It must be a conspiracy. And they aren't cheap, for sure.

  8. sure glad that the 'made in china' hubcap fit like a glove!!

  9. Some of those outlets are really fun. Tell Marti she needs to check out the ones close to Palm Springs. You don't find those stores everywhere.

    While you were watching Andrew's first football game, we were watching Sandi's first high school soccer game. Then, we stayed for Jordie's game which had to go into double overtime. It was a very long evening.

  10. Andrew looks good. Hope he is having lots of fun.

  11. I sure am not going to miss all that maintenance on the Meridian:)

  12. You have been very busy! now go and enjoy yourself

  13. "Made in China", and still a tad pricey! Make sure that one doesn't fly off!

  14. I'll bet Marti bought that sweet smelling hand sanitizer for you. She likes it when you smell purty. :-)

  15. Your kid looks happy and healthy. Better set aside those worries later. Keep us posted with your family's regular activities.