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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Can’t Think Of A Fancy Post Title

My brain is a little fuzzy, of course that’s the norm.  Today it is much more fuzzy than normal.  Both Marti and I have been fighting colds, Marti seems to have persevered and got over hers, mine has just been kicking my butt.

Cold or not, we had to leave our wonderful site at the Destin Army Recreation Area and head on the road towards our South Carolina “home”.






We said our goodbyes to some wonderful new friends we’ve made and drove out to Interstate 10, passing a reminder that we like (like?), no love the Emerald Coast.  Just ignore the bug splatter on the windshield.




The Journey drove beautifully, the engine ticked over strongly, much to my relief.  When we were driving in to Destin, the engine began to run rough and miss under power again.  That worried me.

Once we had set up in Destin, I changed the primary and secondary fuel filters on the engine.  Seems that they were getting plugged up from fuel contaminates.  They did their job and protected the very very (VERY) expensive fuel injector pump and fuel injectors.

Wish I had some filters to protect me from this cold.  As the miles unfolded, I felt sicker and sicker.  No amount of cold meds seemed to make a dent.  Marti pulled out our Passport America book and located a campground for the night.  We pulled in at 12:30 (ET) and had to wait until 2:00 pm to set up.  I drove a whopping 150 miles.  A kick butt cold is not the way I want to cure myself of PDD.

For a mere $20, we have this luxury FHU campsite. 


Remember, this is a Passport America half off priced campground.  Don’t know who would pay the regular $40 price to stay here.  Maybe their mind is more fuzzy than mine?

Hope a good rest and a good night’s sleep will clear out the cobwebs for tomorrow’s run.

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  1. We wouldn't have made it that far with Jim having a cold. And a place with hook ups works no matter how packed in you are. Just take it easy an feel much better tomorrow.

  2. 150 miles??? I don't believe it! I swear by Echinacea for colds and Al likes Oregano oil.

    Don't drive into Hurricane Sandy's path!

  3. Get some rest and get over that cold. You MAY NOT bring it to the the CC gathering;o(( Really do hope you feel much better quickly!!

  4. Ohhhhh... I hope you get to feeling better really soon. Colds are the pits! Maybe you could make yourself all warm and cozy and just nap a bit?

    May I share with you what's been keeping me from reading and commenting on blogs lately?

    "This Restless Life: a study of Central Coast California parks through photography, interpretive collage and stories" is a book project of which I'm in the midst. If you have the time and the inclination, would you take a look at my short video at to learn more about the project? If you like the project, would you share it with your network of friends and family? Thank you sincerely. (I have a link to the video at the top of my blog page too.)

  5. Hope you feel better soon; no fun being sick any time ... worse when you're on the road.

  6. Only 150 miles? Since you were in Florida, and going to South Carolina did you take I-95? If you did, we probably passed each other. I stopped in Brunswick, GA, today after 250 miles. I hope I'm not catching PDD. It's a PA park for less than $20, and much nicer than your pick. :) Have you thought of just taking a day to recuperate?

  7. Time for a good rest to get you back on your feet soon and get back to the normal 'just a little fuzzy'.

  8. From past experience we know it's no fun traveling while you're not feeling good. Get well soon
    Betty and Joe

  9. Are your SURE that you are not in a cow pasture????? Anywho....hope you feel better tomorrow.

  10. Hope your neighbors don't catch your cold - looks like they are close enough!! Feel better.

  11. The only cure I've ever found for a cold is a good, long night's sleep. Hope you get one.

    That's a pretty fancy campground you're in!

  12. We loved Destin too but didn't find it necessarily a winter destination. We got wet and cold. However, it's certainly better than many other places. Here's hoping you soon get over those colds. Colds aren't fun!!

  13. Hope you both feel better before CC :) PA parks are at least a step above Flying J!

  14. Extend your stay for the next day or two and get some rest. Hope you feel better soon!

  15. I was in the same spot 10/3/12.
    Looks like the owners' rig next to yours.

  16. Get a lot of rest. Hope you feel better soon.

  17. hope you feel better soon Paul and you are back to driving your 'normal 500 miles in a day'!

  18. Get well quick. We love Airborne or Emergen-C. They may not cure the cold, but they sure seem to lessen the symptoms.

    PPD? CC? I'm not familiar with those abbreviations.


  19. Sorry you are not up to par. There's no shame in stopping after 150 miles, even for you.

  20. I always get a cold so easily. The best thing to do is rest and drink plenty of water. Simply because the water is the best medicine. It works every time.

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