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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catherine's Landing RV Resort

We left Branson and headed down into Arkansas to Catherine’s Landing RV Resort in Hot Springs.  It is a brand new RV campground built on a former dairy farm pasture.  It is well laid out and the amenities are first class.  The only problem is they haven’t been able to get the grass to grow in fully, kinda’ strange when you think about all the fertilizer that must have been deposited in the soil  by the herds of cows that once lived there.


Check in at the office was in this building, complete with a nice lounge and store that carried a good supply of RV accessories.


Behind the office is the pool, it was heated.  Unfortunately there was no hot tub.  Bummer.


The sites are all concrete and large enough to fit an RV and a tow vehicle.

The pavilion for group meetings was huge, nothing like I’ve ever seen before.  Two floors!


On the lake, there is a boat launch area and canoes and kayak rentals.


Rest rooms and laundry rooms are immaculate.


A nice fenced in doggie play area is also provided, not that many RVers have pet dogs.  ;c)


We came in right in the middle of a Tiffin rally, Allegro Buses, Phaetons and Allegros everywhere you looked. We were surrounded.


Of course, we were not the only RV that stood out like a sore thumb amongst all those Tiffins, there was this trailer:


The yellow really made it stand out in the crowd.  Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but with all the bugs that new RVs are known to come with right from the factory, why would you buy a trailer painted “Lemon Yellow”?

Why did we brave all those evil eyes we got from all those Tiffin owners?  We came to visit with some great RV friends from our old home state of Virginia that were at the rally, Steve and Karen.


We don’t hold it against them that they drive a nice shiny Phaeton. :c) 

We had a great visit, it was great to catch up in person instead of by emails and Facebook.

We departed today heading for Scottsboro, Alabama to check out the Unclaimed Baggage Center.  It is where unidentifiable suitcases and bags that are lost on airlines get sent. The contents are put up for sale.  Who knows, maybe we’ll find some of our long lost luggage?

There is no direct route to get there from our starting point, the GPS lady said it would be a 450 mile trip.  We figured we’d break it into a couple of days, yes I am trying to get over PDD.  Looking at a map and the route the GPS lady wanted us to go, we decided to take some back roads. 

After hearing the GPS lady complain and complain about our intended route and desperately trying to get us to make a legal “U” turn, I had to shut off the sound.

We drove through some really pretty back roads.  The GPS lady got so confused as to where we were going that she just reverted to a plain map.  Never ticked off the lady in the GPS before, maybe it’s her time of the month.

We stopped at a little campground for the night in Lake Village, Arkansas.  Large sites, 50 amp FHU drive throughs for $26 including tax.  Not too shabby.  And the icing on the cake?

I only drove 175 miles today!  Maybe my PDD affliction is finally behind me?

Now the real puzzle is when we got set up, I reprogrammed the GPS for Scottsboro, Alabama.  After doing its calculations, she told me it is only 445 miles away!  I guess it’s not a good thing to tick off the lady in my GPS…


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  1. 175 miles! I'm impressed :)

    I'm thinking that our Tiffin will be sticking out like a sore thumb among all you Winnebago's at the CC :)

  2. We've been driving 5 hours and approximately 300 miles between stops. At least this stop was for 3 nights :)

  3. I swear you have really fouled up ticking off the GPS lady. I expect your now headed for Alabama by was of North Dakota. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature or Miss GPS.

  4. Thanks so much for the preview of Catherine's Landing! We're looking forward to our stay there in a week or so. It sounds like you might be getting a handle on PDD! We only drove 130 miles or so today. Of course, the last 40 was on a skinny, curvy, hilly, Arkansas state highway! But, the payoff at the end of the day was awesome!

  5. That is the fanciest RV office I think I have seen:)

  6. Please look for Jeri's suitcase while you're there. I'm sure it's there somewhere. And I am really impressed - 175 miles.

  7. HAHA ... I ditto Sandie's remark because I was going to say the same thing. I know it's there but you might have to dig. The park looks really nice. Too bad you stuck out like a sore thumb though. I like the little yellow one .. bling. bling.

  8. Thanks again for coming to Catherine's Landing to see me and was great seeing you both again! Can't wait to catch up more like this on the road.
    I am impressed with your 175-mile day....we did 300 and landed between Memphis and Nashville.

  9. Well, at least your GPS lady knows all the roads. We have to turn ours off in some parts of Slovenia, since she doesn't have the latest info, and it looks like we're driving across farmer's fields! If we don't shut her off, then she tries to take us back on the old roads.
    I just wish she could "learn" from all those times we're "outstanding in the field"?

  10. Just a heads up for you...I had friends that went to the unclaimed luggage place and were not impressed, but the worst part was they were infested with ants at the campground they stayed in. Don't know the name of the place they stayed, but just be on the lookout for ants. They only stayed one night, but what a mess their rig was from the ants. It was truly a nightmare.

  11. When you see the highway sign that you know is a direct route to home and the GPS tells you to go in the oposite direction which way do you go? The little car kept spinning in circles recalculating all the way home and finally said the destination was Impossible to find. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  12. Never tick off the GPS lady.

    I like the little yellow trailer holding its own against all the big Tiffins.

  13. Now that's the second lemon yellow trailer I've seen. Winnebago just made the winnie in white, lime green and lemon yellow. Who would want to pull a lemon???

    I'm very impressed with your efforts to cure yourself of PDD. Keep up the good work. But what unclaimed baggage are you looking for? I'm trying to get rid of my baggage not pick up some more.

  14. I always wanted to go to the unclaimed baggage center. Can't wait to heat about it.

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