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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Warning! Political Blog Post

Discussing politics in an RV blog is like touching the subway's third rail...electrifying.  And yes, I'm going to reach out and not just touch that third rail, but grab on to it with both hands.

As much as Marti and I enjoyed our stay on Florida's Panhandle Emerald Coast, we had to turn our wheels and head up to South Carolina where our South Dakota Absentee Ballots were waiting for us at our daughter's house.

Let me digress a moment from the topic because I need somebody to 'splain something to me.  We left Destin, Florida heading East and fought continual headwinds all the way (250 miles) as I watched my fuel mileage get clobbered.  Today, I figured I'd do better being that we were now heading first North and then later due West so if the wind was blowing, I wouldn't hit it head on.

Wrong!  I fought headwinds all the way North, once again watching my fuel mileage suffer (yep, another 250 miles).  Later, when we headed West, the wind hit me on the right front quarter.  Seems I can never win.  So, if you want to improve your fuel mileage, find out which way I'm driving and go the opposite direction.  You'll always have a tailwind, guaranteed!

We got our ballots from daughter Heather and returned to the Journey to fill them out and then mail them.  We want to be good Americans to exercise our civic duty and vote.  America has many problems and challenges and we wanted our voices to be heard.

I opened my ballot, looked over the choices and was profoundly disappointed.  For many years, comedian Pat Paulsen ran for president in every election. 

Sadly, his name was not on my ballot.  Seems he died in 1997.  But why should that make any difference?  After all, don't dead people vote in this country?  Why shouldn't we elect a dead president?  Don't they put pictures of dead presidents on our money?  Besides, a dead president might just be the thing our country needs to get the economy going because he couldn't do anything one way or the other to screw it up.
So with the choices available, which way did I vote?
Did I vote for the Republicans?
Or did I vote for the Democrats?

The truth be known, I wrote in my choice for President.
Alfred E. Neuman, from Mad Magazine.  What better person to run our country than him?  
Now with our votes cast and mailed out we can relax and look forward to the gathering of the Carolina Clan (CC) early next month.  We'll be able to have fun, sit around the campfire with great friends and enjoy all the wonderful things there are in this country.  :c)
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  1. How about Clint Eastwood? "Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?" I don't care what his political leaning is, at least he'd be entertaining.

  2. Way to dodge the political bullet and let go of the third rail and my mixed metaphors. I'm not going to even go that close to the topic, because I'd have to plan for regret.

  3. I have tried very very hard to stay away from anything political in my posts. We will each have a vote, and given how close the election seems to be for the President, I just hope that whichever wins will be willing to listen to the other side and not consider their victory a "mandate." After all ALMOST half of the votes will be against them.

    Peace to all Democrats and Republicans out there. Hopefully we will all just call ourselves Americans when this is over.

    Hopefully we will all have thought things thru for ourselves and not been swayed by all the bullshit on the TV.

  4. And I just hope that EVERYONE. will get out and vote. It is a right too many take for granted. Your vote really does matter. Especially in close elections like this one. Let's hope the weather doesn't decide for us.

    You vote for AEN, I doubt it.

  5. What you said about traveling in the opposite direction than you guys is true! I've had nice tail winds in my recent wanderings. :)

  6. Paul, by writing in Alfred E. Neuman's name you have unfortunately spoiled your ballot. He is ineligible to run for President as he is already serving as the Prime Minister of Canada.

    Also, his birth certificate (which we demanded) proves he was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

  7. Funny, I've always thought Pres Obama looked a lot like Alfred E Newman.

  8. Whatever way you head just make sure it's away from that storm and not into it.

    I'm betting you really didn't write in Mr. Neuman's name. Besides Rick said he's already taken. I'm also betting we know who you checked off on that ballot. You can't fool us!

  9. the politics in the US are most interesting..and you just made it more so!..thanks for the laugh this morning!

  10. Thanks for adding some levity to this election and thanks to Rick for making it even funnier :)
    It is certainly an important election and everyone should vote, but a humorous break is much appreciated. Thanks!

  11. We were happy to get to vote while in SD. Much easier than in the past. I wrote in my dead cat, Milo. :-)
    Stay dry and safe til CC!

  12. Goofy and Mickey - sure works for me this year.

  13. Didn't you see the announcement on You Tube? The Oregon Duck is in the running! Guess you know who is getting my vote.

  14. Yup, one of the Golden Rules of RVing, You will always have a head wind!!! (I hate that rule)

  15. My brother had a "Pat Paulsen" button. We notice the same thing with the wind.

  16. We just left Pensacola as the Republican canidate ( I forget his name ) arrived to give one of his insulting speeches and are now in Destin Fl - heading for Punta Gorda for 2 months.

  17. I didn't know that Pat Paulsen passed away. How sad. Another end of an era.