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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


There we were, booking down the highway at a breakneck 60 mph, heading to Scottsboro, Alabama.  Dreams of interesting, great buys were awaiting us at the Unclaimed Baggage Center.  Airline traveler’s lost luggage would be our goal, it would be fun to paw through all kinds of things and purchase the items that caught our eye.

Then we had an epiphany.  Where would we find room for another this or that, and what did we need it for anyway?  Of course, Marti opined that jewelry doesn’t take up much space, but I thought that any good stuff would have already been sold.  So why did I want to look through some other person’s lost clothes when  I have plenty of mine own to wear?

A Semper Gumby (Always Flexible) moment appeared and we changed plans.  Last February when we were coming back from Quartzsite, Arizona, we intended to go to New Orleans.  Bad timing on our part, it was Mardi Gras.  Not our cup of tea (or booze) so we passed, intending to go some other time. 

We decided to make the some other time now because we were only about 375 miles away.  We buckled down, kicked PDD into overdrive and put 300 miles under our belt, stopping for the night at a campground just off I-10 in Alabama. 

Originally we looked for a Passport America campground and found one.  We called and asked to make a reservation and they declined, saying it wasn’t worth it for them to take us, but they then gave us the number for this other campground that was much closer to the highway.

It was a little more expensive than we usually like to pay, but being 1/2 mile off the highway instead of 10 miles to the Passport America campground, the 2 1/2 gallons of diesel fuel (at $4.00/gallon) we didn’t have to use helped to offset the higher campground fee.

We got a beautiful pull through site right on a little pond.

We were surrounded by trailers of welders who are working on a nearby oil field project, all 85 of them.  Seems like every trailer had a pickup or a welding truck parked next to it.


We did our evening walk and met many of them.  Hard working people working to keep oil flowing.  Got to appreciate them.

The campground had something we’ve never seen in a campground before, three of them, to be exact.  60 KW emergency generators.  Kinda’ reminds you you’re in serious hurricane country.

This morning we pulled out and did the last 75 miles into downtown New Orleans.  It was fun driving down I-55 seeing the houses in the bayous.  Not something we’ve seen before.


We arrived at the French Quarter RV Resort just around noon, just two blocks North of the French Quarter.  It is one fancy campground, and believe it or not, it is a participating campground in Passport America.  We got the half off rate for one of the three nights we’re going to stay here, and then 10% off the other two nights for being Good Sam members.

It doesn’t have concrete sites, no, they are all paved with beautifully laid out bricks! 


It has lots of amenities, but my favorites are there, a pool and a hot tub!  You don’t have to guess that in no time I pulled the plastic cover off the hot tub and we washed all those miles we traveled out of our weary butts.


We’ve already wandered around the French Quarter and Bourbon Street but that is for another post.  Yep we’re having fun.  :c)


So I close with this picture, especially for my pal, Judy.


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  1. That PDD is sure hard to control. Enjoy the big easy.

  2. Visiting new places is always a lot of fun. Glad you're enjoying yourselves.

  3. Nothing wrong with changing plans and moving in a different direction ... that's the beauty of having a home on wheels :-)))

  4. Interesting that back up generators wouldn't be even more common, and not something you'd notice as out of the ordinary.
    When we lived in Puerto Rico, they were just about everywhere, but that wasn't so much about being in the path of approaching hurricanes. The electrical infrastructure was a tad sketchy, and if a twig fell on a line supplying your house, (or somebody sneezed?) the power would go out. We got used it and didn't mind, especially since we had a honkin' big back up generator.

  5. Awww, I wanted to see the Unclaimed baggage. Sigh. But your flexibility is very impressive.

  6. I was wondering about that lost bags trip and where you'd put the stuff. Now I'm wondering how do they lose so many bags?? Says something about airlines doesn't it? They charge you to check your bag, "lose" it and then sell your stuff.

    Looking forward to seeing you two in New Orleans.

  7. have a good time in New Orleans!!!..great last photo!!

  8. The BEST people watching place in the country!

  9. New Orleans seems like a better destination to me. Now, why are you looking at ladies undies???

  10. I've always wanted to go there, but haven't yet. Please post lots of pictures!

  11. Now you seem to be getting that full time idea:) We have been thinking that if we would go to NOLA, that the French quarter park might me good. Looks like a nice place-enjoy:)

  12. Wow, nice campground! I can't believe that a campground turned you down for business. Bookmarking French Quarter for future use :)

  13. We haven't been to Nawlins yet either so I'm going to really enjoy your post and pictures. You're learning. Flexibility makes the trip that much more fun.

  14. Glad you got in a hot tub fix. Looking forward to reading about your visit.

  15. Great looking RV Park and amazingly close to the French Quarter.

    I never knew there was such a thing as an Unclaimed Baggage Store - interesting!

    Thanks for posting those neat bayou homes photos.

  16. We usually stay at Pontchartrain Landing when in New Orleans. You do have to drive to the French Quarter but it isn't far and they honor Passport America all the time. Easy to get in and out of too. Have fun. Take the trolley out to look at the grand houses in NOLA.

  17. How can a campground be listed in Passport America and turn you down??? I'd report them.