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Monday, October 15, 2012



After our New Orleans visit, we headed East to the Florida Panhandle.  We stayed in Pensacola last winter for a week, so we thought we’d try a new destination, Destin, Florida.

We pulled into the Army Recreation Center in Destin.  It is beautiful and very reasonable, and all built and run with no taxpayer dollars!


It has full hook up RV sites as well as rental apartments and cabins for military folks (Active Duty, Retired and DoD Civilians).  Rental boats are available for the fishing minded patrons.  For me, it has a great pool, but sadly, no hot tub.  Still, no complaints from me.


It is located right next to the bay where we have enjoyed incredible sunsets.


We pulled in to our site and got all set up.  Then we noticed a funny thing.


Do you see it?  How about now?


It is a twin to our Journey!


The funny thing is I had seen this Journey before, in fact I had even been inside it back in Virginia a couple of years ago and met its original owner at our favorite campground, Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA.  The owner later traded it in to our selling dealer, Reines RV Center and bought a Phaeton.  The second owner purchased it and is down here in Destin with it.  He came, knocked on our door and met us, because he saw our “twin”.  The best part?  He is one of our many blog readers.  How cool is that?  :c)

We are going to stay here until Thursday, then pull out and head over towards Jacksonville, Florida.  Another great military campground awaits us there that we’ve been hoping to try out. 

Life is good, and the enjoying the pool here is great.  :c)

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  1. That is amazing! Have fun.

    Leanne ( Laurie & George's Mom)

  2. Being that close to Disney World and meeting your twin, you should burst into a few bars of 'it's a small world, isn't it'.

  3. For a minute there, I thought you were going to be adding a couple more grandkids! :)
    It is a very small world. Hope the twins get along :)

  4. How odd that one of your followers would have the same coach and be in the same campground. Is he afflicted with PDS as well?

  5. HAHA Gail that was what I thought. I says to myself, I thought they'd just had all the newest grandchildren born. Where did these two come from. I take it these are "fraternal" twins since they have different toads??? Wanda and Winnona were Fraternal twins born the same year but then Wanda's owners "UPGRADED". :-))

    Good question Judy that would really make them twins!

  6. Funny comments, they are almost as much fun to read as the blog! :-)

  7. Too cool!! If your weather is anything like we are having here in Tampa(Lazydays), I know you are really enjoying the Destin area.

  8. We just love those small world moments! We "live" near Destin now. Our MH doesn't fit in that little bitty mailbox, but you get the picture.
    Syl and Gin

  9. Double cool -- the fact that your twin is there AND he's one of your blog readers!

  10. That looks like an amazing place. Great how you can take advantage of your military benefits.

  11. Now you'll really have something to talk about. Love the Destin area!!

  12. Wow...small world stuff strikes again! I just love those kinda moments :)

  13. It's always nice to run across someone else who's made the same decision as you and is happy with it.