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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Double Dog Dare

If there is one thing RVers seem to do a lot of, that’s going out to eat.  We certainly are social butterflies living this life, and if we were actually butterflies, with all the food we’ve eaten, we’d never get off the ground.  ;c)

Last night we went out to eat with Mike and Terri, to Carrabas.   Nothing like a little Italian comfort food.


Except the server got Marti and Terri’s order mixed up.  While they were waiting for the order to be corrected, they had nothing to look at in front of them.


That didn’t stop me and Mike from eating our food.  Gentlemanly behavior stops at the table…

Finally their corrected order was served.  Terri was a happy camper now.


Marti was too, until she saw what the lady at the next table had ordered.  It was one of those “Why didn’t I order that?” moments.


Today, we met Elaine and Rick, our RV friends from New Brunswick, Canada, for lunch.  They are on their way to Florida and were staying just up the road.  We couldn’t pass up a chance to visit with them again.


We went to a fancy restaurant for lunch.


It was a Hot Dog place, where they serve your hotdog in a dog bowl.


I got the Double Dog Dare.


I’ve never eaten food from a dog bowl before.  You’d think as often as I find myself in the doghouse, I’d be used to that.  ;c)

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  1. I was beginning to wonder if eating is your absolutely favorite pasttime. I think that's something RVers tend to do best. There are so many great restaurants and so many new places to try. If you haven't done them all yet, you've got lots to look forward to.

  2. Thank goodness we limit our eating out times to when we're with family... otherwise I might have to eliminate a few pair of shoes to accomodate the weight we gain from those meals. BUT.... when we do meet family, friends... or other bloggers (YES!) I think I talk enough to work off those extra calories ;-)

  3. In and Out serves their burgers in something similar, but I'm sure you don't want to go back there. My kids got food on a frisbee once. They got to keep it. So did you get to keep the bowl?

  4. With about 1200 restaurants on the Grand Strands, eating out is an Olympic Event in this area of the state;o))

  5. Wow, you digestive track must be made of steel:)

  6. George and I were just saying the same thing after we ate at Ruby Tuesday's tonight. Travel day means eating quick (or out!). I'll be big as a house soon!
    Cool to run into Rick and Elaine at CW today too :)

  7. That Italian food looked excellent! I'm not too into the doghouse food but Rick would probably like it :)

  8. I got indigestion just reading your post!

  9. Oh my, that is a lot of food. I do love to meet up with fellow RVers though. Guess I'll have to try to find a way to do that without restauranting if I don't want to have to run twice as much as I am now or become as wide as I am tall. I know, we'll just meet for ice cream. HA!!

  10. I'm not sure what that Italian food was but it sure looked good.