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Monday, November 19, 2012

Self Inflicted Ouch

Off we went this morning with a cool, sunny day for our “short” hop over to New Jersey (109 miles) to our son Corey’s house.  Knowing that we’d be sort of off the grid as far as hookups go, I wanted to ensure our propane tank was full.  Plugging into Corey’s electricity, we’d only have a maximum of 20 amps, so using our heat pump was out of the question.  We’ll have to utilize our propane furnace to make the Journey nice and toasty inside.

I had spotted a propane company on some of our trips from the Pennsylvania  campground to son Ryan’s house, so I decided to stop in and top off before we hooked up the Element for our drive over to NJ.

Marti followed behind me and as I turned a real sharp right hand corner into the propane company, I contacted the curb with the right rear tire.  Just a slight kiss, no I didn’t pop the tire.  What I did do made me sick.


I gouged my aluminum rim.  Bummer!!!  I guess I’ll get my Dremel tool out to grind the sharp edges flat and smooth, but it will always be there to remind me that I did that ouch. :c(

The icing on the cake?  The propane company does not fill motorhome tanks, they have no pump facility.  The ouch was for nothing.

Well, I have a half full onboard propane tank and will have to hook up my external tank with the Extend A Stay adaptor I bought.

Off we went, got a little lost trying to get on the PA turnpike, and had another case of dueling GPS units, we each have one, a larger 7 inch screen for me to watch the direction and a small one on Marti’s passenger window for her to navigate with.

After a short, 10 mile detour trying to find a U-turn, we headed in the right direction.  Upon arriving on Corey’s street, we had to thread the needle past piles of tree limbs awaiting pickup by his town’s public works department.  Fallout from Hurricane Sandy.  Residents were allowed to pile up downed tree limbs and branches into piles along the street.


We got set up in Corey and DIL Amanda’s driveway for a week of GAFH (Gratefully Accepting Family’s Hospitality).


Inside the house was the prize…Anabelle!


We haven’t seen her in several months and we’re falling behind on our spoiling her.  We’ll have to get busy to make up for lost time! ;c)

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  1. She's growing so fast! Cute smile.

  2. Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  3. Sorry for the double ouch day, but at least it ended with a pot of gold (Anabelle).

  4. Anabelle is adorable! Have fun while you're there!

  5. Take comfort in the fact that it could have been worse. Enjoy the family time!

  6. One of the benefits of having an older RV is that the "ouches" don't matter so much. Glad yours was minor!

  7. What a cutie she is!! She's grown so much but she probably remembered both of you from last time. We've discovered several propane places that don't fill motorhomes. For that reason we usually have a little bottle along with us too.

  8. Look at that smile! I'd say Anabelle was pretty darn happy to see you two! In the scope of things, that's what's important. The little "ouch" on the rim, not at all important :)

  9. Sometimes you need those great smiles to get you outta those ouches :)

  10. Ahhhhh the GPS induced detour.....very familiar with that

  11. sorry to hear about the dent in the rim and to think it was all for nothin'!
    nice to see Annabelle again!!!

  12. wow is she ever growing...sorry about the ouchie :( but remember it could have been much worse...back home there are only a couple of places where we can get the belly tank filled...frustrating to say the least...we don't always trust our gps we also travel with two...

  13. I hate it when those curbs jump out at you!

  14. The smile on Annabelle's face surely made you forget all about that little, insignificant ouch!!

    Hey, just think - you could have taken out the propane tanks, blew up the gas station, destroyed your MH and been left sitting on the curb with TV cameras pointing at you and a reporter asking you why you're such an idiot!! This 'ouch' was a good thing!

  15. Boy can I sympathize with the ouchie and then not even getting the propane. And with the GPS difficulties. I hate mine. BUT luckily there was such a great prize at the end!

  16. Howdy Marti & Paul,
    Boy, she is growing; so, cute & sweet!!
    As far as the 'OUCH'; you've had the thing 3 years, of course it's gonna get boo-boos!! I had mine a total of 1 1/2 HOURS & knocked the water compartment DOOR OFF; talk about sick and then FLOODED IT THAT SAME EVENING!!!!
    Y'all have a wonderful bunch of kids & g-kids to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day; and you're both YOUNG & HEALTHY!!!

  17. Gosh, she's growing so fast! Just look at that smile.

  18. Good Morning, I love reading your blog and thru out the Thanksgiving Holiday it has been on my mind, Forget about the scuff on the ALcoa rim what about those dry rotted side walls on your tires?

    Patrick in Charlotte.