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Monday, November 5, 2012

Pizza, Fire, And A Bucket

Nothing better than enjoying the company of like minded friends, and at the Carolina Clan Gathering we’ve been doing lots of that.  What better thing to do with friends than eat, and eat we did.  Ten large New York style pizzas, they were so good they didn’t last long.




Now that’s a happy crowd.  Sitting around the campfire, eating, conversing and enjoying the great outdoors.  Of course being there is no adult supervision here, so when it got dark, the pyromaniacs in us came out.  Pizza boxes make really (really) good campfires.


Thank goodness there is plenty of water nearby!


With all the great fun we’ve been having here, somehow our brains got detached.  We have a electric and water only site.  Being here for five days already we were being very careful to monitor our holding tank levels. 

When we get set up for a stay, lots of items come out to make the Journey more homey.  It takes lots of time to set up these things, like locking on to the TV satellite, putting out the interior rugs, the steering wheel table with its lamps, and other things that are stowed when we go down the road.  All these things would have to be taken down if we had to dump the holding tanks at the campground’s dump station.  Not fun to do if we don’t need to.

With the detached brains, what did we do?  A load and a half of laundry in our onboard washing machine, putting some twenty gallons of water into our gray water holding tank.  Duh!  We’ve been staying in full hook up sites so often, we forgot we didn’t have a sewer hookup at this site.  The reason we did half a load was when we came to our senses and shut off the washer halfway through a wash cycle.

Now the quandary.  The gray tank is full.  Do we take down all the homey stuff, drive to the dump station and the  return and put all the stuff back up when we only have two days left?  Nope!

Enter the bucket.


I carry the bucket to use when I find that rare campground that allows me to wash the Journey.  It also came in handy to resolve the full gray tank situation.

I drained two bucketfuls of gray water, about 10 gallons, and dumped it in the Journey’s toilet, into the black tank. 

The black tank never gets close to full before I dump, so there was plenty of room to take on the extra gray water.  Plus a little soapy water in the black tank can’t hurt anything.

Now we have enough room in the gray tank to remain in our site until we leave Wednesday.  (Phew!).  The bucket saved the day. :c)

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  1. smart idea to use the bucket and the black tank! Much better than a trip to the sani-dump!

  2. I made a habit of washing the dishes in a separate plastic dish pan (inside the sink, saved beating up the sink too) and then dumping the soapy water down the toilet. The little bit of soap helps keep the goop from sticking to the tank walls, and kept the grey tank from filling quite so fast.

  3. Love the new SEARCH bar!!! Now we have direct access to our Users Manual:o)))

  4. Good tip about the bucket. Like Bob, I use a dish pan in the sink when we don't have sewer hook ups and dump into the toilet to keep the grey tank levels manageable.

  5. And much cheaper than a blue boy too ;) Good idea!

  6. I highly recommend monitoring those tanks. If you don't .... well, you know what can happen. Overflows aren't fun. We have a blue boy but it's in Washington. Our hose doesn't reach that far.

  7. Glad to hear you finished up all those 10 pizzas before throwing those boxes on the fire!

    Good idea on the bucket. I thought you were going to say you dumped the grey water on your neighbour's site at night! Now, I know you'd never even think of that!

  8. You should've brought your bucket to the campfire that night. . . just in case. :-)

  9. I learned a bit today reading your blog on how to manage tank levels. Thanks.

  10. What does it say about us that our black water always fills up first. Whoops, TMI