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Monday, November 26, 2012

Keeping Warm In The Cold

Today’s high temperature has already been reached, 44.8F.  By tonight, it’s going to drop about 25 degrees and remain the same nighttime temps for the next three days.


We’re sung as a bug in the proverbial rug in the Journey as long as we have enough propane.  Looking at the gauge on my propane tank, we should have enough to last for tonight, then I’m going to have to switch to the onboard tank, or borrow a tank from my son. 


Because we’re on a household electric 20 amp circuit, we can’t use our heat pump, it would draw far more than the 20 amps and trip the house’s circuit breaker.

Plus, the Journey has an enclosed basement, where all the water tanks, water pump and plumbing run. As long as the furnace is running, the spaces are heated by ducts that run down there. With just electric heat, no hot air would get down there and frozen plumbing could occur. Not good! :cO

I have not found a place locally to get my tank refilled, seems that everyone has switched to that swap-a-tank system.  Because my tank has the installed gauge connected to a float inside the tank, I’m not switching it out for a standard tank.

Corey came up with this for me, an early Christmas present.


It is a screw on gauge that fits any standard propane tank. 


If I had known these things were made, I wouldn’t have bought the tank with the installed gauge.  It would make things simpler.

We’re here in NJ until departure Thursday, then heading down to South Carolina.  An appointment for the broken awning motor at Camping World is set for 3 December, and the good news is I finally have been scheduled for an evaluation appointment with the Veterans Administration Hospital in Columbia, SC on 7 December.  I never thought I’s see the day.

Our plans are to be with Andrew and Owen (and Heather and Brian) for Christmas and in early January drive up to PA in our car to see Ryan’s promotion to Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer.  I’ll watch the anchors that I wore when I was a Chief passed on to him and pinned on his uniform’s collars.  It is a huge milestone in his Coast Guard career.


We miss Taylor, Kierra and little Rebekah too much already and can’t wait to see them again.



In the meantime, we’re enjoying our last few days with Anabelle (and Corey and Amanda, too).  Anabelle has finally approved of me.


She’s keeping us plenty busy!


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  1. There is nothing better than hug times with grands....and maybe with the originals too! Congrats on your son's advancement.

  2. Sounds like you a planning to use a bit of propane in the next couple of months.

  3. So glad you finally got that seal of approval! Adorable picture of you two.

  4. Well, sounds like a lot of things will be taking place in the next couple months!!! Don't put that propane tank too far away...we've had to run our furnace as the heat pump couldn't keep up;o(( Much too early for this much COLD!!!

  5. A very special milestone indeed ... early congrats to Ryan.

  6. The grandkids are the best!! If it gets too cold, you can always sneak inside the house and enjoy their heat. We don't like cold but we don't like hot either. It'll be a pretty important day when your anchors are passed to Ryan. It'll be great that you're there to share that day with him.

  7. Woo Hoo on your VA appointment. . . FINALLY!!

    Nice to see a big smile on Anabelle's face with her Pa. Yeah, looks like she approves.

  8. what a proud moment and what a milestone for Ryan...great pics of all the kiddos.....stay warm need to get on down here :) Congrats on the VA appt finally!!!

  9. Looks like there may be some snow headed your way, nice day here today in the mid 70's.


  10. What a cute, precious little girl...

  11. Getting a VA appointment must be similar to getting a surgery scheduled at Mayo! Glad you got yours, still hoping for mine. :(

    Glad Anabelle came to her senses!

  12. We've had to run our fireplace and space heater in the bedroom in the morning. Had the air conditioner on today. Just never know! Keep warm in the meantime!

  13. That' screw on gauge for the propane tank is a great idea. I'm going to be looking for one of those.

  14. glad to hear you are staying warm! that Anabelle is a cutie, my goodness will sure be hard to leave her as you head on down the road!

  15. I don't want to rub it in or anything, but it's really nice here in Mesa, Arizona. LOL

  16. Thanks for the gauge tip. We're trying to figure out where to store an extra tank. ":-))

    What a proud day when your son takes your bars. Looks like you've got your travels all set up. Maybe the coast guard could move one of your sets of grandkids to southern Florida for the winter! Stay warm!!

  17. Glad to hear Anabelle likes you again. She sure is cute. I think she's starting to look like her grandpa too!

  18. Great family photos...thanks for sharing the tip on the screw on gauge for the propane. Temps are all over the place here in Alabama.