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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Great Christmas Day

Don’t you just wish Christmas Day would last longer, after all the preparations to make the day special?  It goes too fast.

We spent Christmas with our daughter Heather, SIL Brian and grandsons Andrew and Owen.  We were pleased that our very good friends Mike and Terri could join us this year, too.


Andrew and Owie bought gifts for each other, Owie looked on expectedly to see Andrew open the gift he bought for him.  It’s great that they have understood the meaning of giving as well as receiving.


Owie had a blast with a toy helicopter he got, with some coaching from daddy Brian.  A future pilot?


Andrew has a scientific curiosity and was thrilled with a human body model that he could take apart to examine how all the organs work.  He and Heather spent a couple of hours examining it in great detail.  A future doctor?


Santa did manage to sneak in a couple of electric scooters for the boys, hidden in the garage.


After a great dinner, a rousing game of Bananagram was played to fight off the food coma.


A wonderful time with family and friends. 

Today marks our granddaughter, Taylor’s seventh birthday.  She is visiting her other grandparents in Tennessee this Christmas holiday.  We’ll be visiting her next month.  :c)


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  1. We love banana grams. But this year we played our new game keesdrow.glad you had a great holiday.

  2. glad you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family...hope to see you in the new year...looking forward to it...

  3. Family and Friends...that's a GREAT day!!

  4. You can fill a scrapbook with the memories you've made this year.

  5. What a great Christmas!! Happy Birthday to Taylor and my condolences as a fellow December birthday girl. I suggest she just move it to June now before she gets any older at all. :-))

    We are very behind obviously. We're still playing UNO and have no idea what bananagrams even is. You guys are always on the forefront.

  6. Thanks for a fantastic day! You and your family are the best!!

  7. looks like you enjoyed your Christmas Day immensely!!

  8. Sounds like you had a better than perfect Christmas!!

  9. Examining body parts? Now that's an interesting Christmas! :)

  10. Christmas with family and good friends just can't get any better.

  11. You're absolutely right, Paul, about Christmas Day flying by. Like yours, our day seems like just a blur.

    Glad to see the kids (and adults) all having fun.

  12. I agree, the preparations and day of Christmas just fly by. Looks like the grandsons will go far :-)

  13. A perfect way to spend Christmas. Family and friends. Love it.

  14. That's one way to have a personal physician and pilot -- grow them yourself ;-)

  15. Looks like a great Christmas with the kids and grandkids!

  16. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Happy new year to you and yours!