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Friday, December 21, 2012

Sometimes I Can’t Decide On a Post Title

Usually I have to give some thought into developing a catchy title for a post, and it usually takes me some time.

But today I had a quandary.  I came up with not one, but two titles and couldn’t decide which one to use:  The Christmas Presents Won’t Go To Waste”, or “The Last Supper”.

To the disappointment of millions of panicky people all over the earth, the world did not end as predicted by the Mayans.

exploding-earth11[1] (2)

So all that Christmas shopping that we all did is going to be money well spent as our loved ones, kids and friends open their gifts on Christmas morning.

Today, we had a lunch date with Mike and Terri, our RV friends that are in a nearby campground. 


They met us at a nearby diner for a meal and a great visit.  The entrée Mike ordered could have been his last meal, why not, after all the world might still end before midnight, so why not go out with a culinary “delight”? 

Mike ordered this:


A half pound burger placed between two grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches.  With mayo.  Really.  To prove it actually was Mike that ordered (and ate) that burger and not me, I took this picture:


He’s one happy fella’.  I would never order anything like that, instead I ordered this:


A half pound cheeseburger (forgive me, Nancy and Bill!).

 After all I have to get my strength up for that long distance move we’re making with the Journey tomorrow!  If we’re still here…  ;c)

Actually, the world will end on December 31st, 2099.  That's a fact.  That's when the Windows 8 calender stops.  That is unless Microsoft comes out with Windows 12397 before then to correct the problem!

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  1. Glad to see the restraint you showed, unlike Mike.

  2. Ooooooh it was soooo gooood!!!! Actually I didn't eat the whole thing at lunch... but I did finish off the last quarter of it tonight! It was disgustingly delicious. :-)

  3. Heart attack on a plate :) Nancy & Bill haven't taught any of us anything!

  4. I suppose since you thought it was the 'last supper' that you didn't think you'd get heart burn or indigestion?? Ugh!

  5. Oh boy were they some scary sandwiches;o)) But the fact that you were with friends, enjoying great company, sort of cancels out any possible side effects!!!

  6. I'm speechless ... at the size of that sandwich!

  7. Well those sandwiches are....ummmmm.....what to say. The pictures say it all. I hope you will both be posting tomorrow. But if not it won't be the Mayan apocalypse.....

  8. I think you and Mike, together, at a restaurant might potentially be a dangerous thing :)
    But I'd sure love a bite of either or both of those burgers :)

  9. hahaah great lunch you had crack me up :)

  10. What a "Last Supper" that would have been or might still be since there are several hours left in the day. Who knows what might happen before midnight gets here.

    Coming up with titles takes a bit a thought. There are plenty of easy ones but the catchy ones are the hard ones.

  11. I think I would have gone for the steak as my last supper rather than a burger. Might as well spend all the money as well before the end.

  12. I'm sure glad you didn't use The Last Supper as your blog title because Leonardo Da Vinci has the rights to that and he would have sued your butt off in Mayan Heaven if that comes to pass in the next few hours.

    Strangely enough, that same Cheese Sandwich/Hamburger Combo was on the menu at my son Kevin's restaurant last night. I asked him about it and he just said 'forget it' - now I see why.

  13. Wow, that's some serious fat! How come he's so thin??? It just isn't fair....

  14. I saw that burger on Man vs Food, but it was a Tucson restaurant. I later went down there and ate it myself. Way too much.

    I'm ok with that 2099 prediction.

  15. You made me LOL with this post. Those meals are pretty impressive. Jay Leno said it best. He said there's good news and bad news. The world didn't end, but now he has a lot of Christmas shopping to do.