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Friday, December 28, 2012

All Fixed Up

(Click on the pictures to enlarge) 

The weather was nice this afternoon, it warmed up from last night’s 39 degrees (F) so I tackled my big boo boo, to set it right.  Unfortunately, my helpers got hijacked by their mom to help her take down Christmas decorations, so it was a lonely job.  The nerve!

First, I bent the twisted metal back into position, getting it as straight as I could. 


Next, I had to drill out the remainders of the broken rivets that were pulled out when the metal bent by the slide closing.


I had to do some straightening of the metal around the compartment itself so I could pop in the new rivets.  A good use of my heavy, 5lb hand sledge hammer soon had the metal back in line.  I then put in new rivets.



Before I installed the new rivets, I put a healthy dose of RTV silicone sealant around the face of the compartment to waterproof it.  I put some extra rivets in to make the attachment of the metal face to the compartment box stronger.



Then I put another coating of the RTV silicone sealant all along the compartment edge to ensure a good waterproof seal.


After another sanding of the rusty areas, I coated the rust with a rust inhibitor.  It has to dry 24 hours before I can paint over it, so I’ll do that tomorrow if it doesn’t rain as forecast.


Everything lines up and closes properly, so all is back to normal.


Here’s hoping I can go a little (a lot) longer between doing stupid things.  ;c)

Next job is the water leak, the forecast calls for rain over the next several days, so I may just pull that slide in (I’ll move the chairs far, far away this time) until I can get the leak fixed.

Another joyful chapter of RV living on the road. :c)

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  1. Progress is being made, even if you had to do it all by yourself. Without any helpers. Such a lonely, lonely job.

  2. Ah yes ... the joys of RV repairs ... you better double check that no mice got in while you were doing the repairs ... yeah, a bit paranoid here now ;-)

  3. All that work and no helpers. What was their mom thinking? Maybe their saving themselves to help with the leak. Hope you get it under control soon. Aren't you heading to New Jersey soon? Hope the weather clears up. That snow is nasty to drive in.

  4. You are our DIY hero!! Nice job!!

    Now, be very, very careful and move those chairs;o)

  5. I'm amazed that you were able to complete the job sans expert helpers.

  6. Well done. Somehow you make this complicated job look easy.

  7. Good job on the repair even if you had todo the work without your little employees!!

  8. Great job Paul it looks like new. Mr. Murphy must of got a big laugh out of all this. I hate that guy.

  9. You're such a good handyman.

    Something that may help some on the slide leak (not a fix though). Al noticed our canvas slide toppers had lost their ability to repel water so he sprayed them with a water repellent. It keeps the water from settling in the middle of the awning and leaking onto the top of the slide.

  10. You are the man! Better than repairs on a stixs & brixs anytime. ;-)

  11. We really appreciate that you will do ANYTHING to keep us entertained. What a guy.