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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pardon My Forgetfulness

Yep, it’s the old “Good Thing My Head Is Attached” Syndrome (GTMHIA).  On my last post I mentioned Marti had decorated the Journey inside and out and then I forgot to put in the inside pictures.

So here goes.  Our little tree on the steering wheel table.


The dashboard has our ever color changing snowman and some caroling figures.


Even Tag, our stuffed dog is sporting a Santa hat.  Nobody gets left out around here when Marti has her Christmas decorating cap on.


Our Journey is warm and comfortable and really has become “home” for us.  We appreciated it more this week when we slept over at our daughter Heather’s house for several nights.  She had a minor surgical procedure that kept her off her feet for most of the week.  With two high energy boys, it was good that we could help out, we’re glad our full time life has enabled us to be here when she needed us.  But it’s always nice to come home to your own bed. :c)

Once again, we took the boys out geocaching.  Today we struck gold, four finds in four tries.  One even had Marti jumping across a big ditch to get to the wooded area where one cache was located.  No, she didn’t fall in, she used a big stick to kind of pole vault across it and back.  Amazing what a grandmother will do with her grandsons.

These caches are pretty cleverly hidden.  Owie found one by himself, he’s pretty proud of that, especially when this cache defeated us before.


Another one was very hard to find, but patience won out.





Sweet Victory!  Geocaching is a great thing for us to do with the boys.  It’s a great sport that doesn’t cost anything, gets everyone outside in the fresh air and isn’t a video game.  We’ll be doing more of this with them.  I don’t know who loves it more, the boys or Marti.

The weather has been great, high sixties during the day and nightly lows into the high forties.  For Marti and I, both growing up in the Northeast (MA and NJ, respectively) this is positively a balmy climate.

Thankfully, we’ve just about finished the Christmas shopping, so now we can kick back and putter around the Journey, doing some minor tasks and reorganizing some things.

Life is good.  :c)

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  1. life is indeed very good for you and your family! Nice job decorating your 'home'!

  2. Congratulations Owie! Doesn't it feel great to find that elusive cache?

  3. I love going geocaching with the grandkids. It's family affair and you see the neatest things.

    Great job on the decorations. Merry Christmas!

  4. I love geocaching too, and I think it is a great date idea. My husband and I have only ever found teeny tiny caches though, never any as big as the red one in your picture.

  5. We love geocaching with or without the grandkids;o)) Hunting for caches has taken us to some really cool places!!

  6. life is very good indeed :)...glad you were there to help out and that Heather is doing well :)

  7. Outside activities are good for everyone. It's also a great learning tool for the boys. It's something they'll never forget doing with both of you.

  8. Always nice to come home to your own bed. I tried geo-caching for a short time. Found it a little daunting without a second person to direct the driving. Hard to watch the road and the GPS thing at the same time. :(

  9. Still haven't tried the geocaching thing. Hmm, perhaps tomorrow, our last day in Tucson. Love the inside decorations!

  10. That Owie sure looks like his grand dad! No mistaking the family resemblence there. Nice job on the decorations Marti. Really looks like Christmas. Could you take an afternoon drive down here and do mine now? Paul can have you back by dinner time. We're only 370 miles away from Irmo. :-))

  11. Your rig looks nice and Christmasy!! Geocaching with the grandkids is a great idea - sort of like treasure hunting. I've never tried geocaching.

  12. We've never tried geocaching either, but the more I read about Marti's searches with the kids, the more intriguing it becomes. Maybe I'll try it out the next time we go to Nashville to see our grandkids.
    Beautiful inside decorations!

  13. We think GeoCaching is great fun as well. We began back in 2003 and have tried to look for at least a few caches in all of the places we've visited. It's a perfect activity for the young and old alike. Get's you outside and you've visit places you probably wouldn't have otherwise.

  14. Tag looks mighty handsome in his Santa hat! The rig looks nice and cozy with all your festive decorations.

  15. We'll be enjoying the decorations others put up. Speaking of which ... there's a Christmas tree at one of the rigs here that I should get a photo of before we leave.

  16. Ron and I are not into GeoCaching, but you have a really good point about it being a good thing to do with the grandchildren. I'll have to keep that in mind for the future.