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Monday, December 3, 2012

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Even if the temperature was 72 degrees out, Marti has her decorating list made out to transform the Journey from a plain motorhome to a Christmas wonderland.

Fortunately, we had a couple of helpers to lend a hand.



That’s the problem with grandsons, they grow up, but they don’t get any lighter.  More pictures to follow as the job gets completed.

First thing this morning, I took the Journey down to the Camping World for an appointment to get the awning motor fixed.  We made this appointment last month and they were waiting for me when I drove in.

In about a half hour, they confirmed the motor was bad.  Then it took about four hours to get my extended warranty company to approve the repairs.  The warranty company won’t cover the entire repair, the job is a two man task, but they only approved labor for one.  Plus they won’t pay shipping for the motor that has to be ordered.  Amazingly, though, they will pay the sales tax.  Funny, last time I used them, they wouldn’t pay the sales tax.  Go figure.

But the $350 awning motor is covered and an hour of labor.  I have to pay the shipping ($25) and eight tenths of a labor hour.  Along with my $100 deductible, I’m on the hook for about $225.  Not bad when you consider it’s much better than paying an over $500 bill without the warranty.  I’m glad I have it.

The motor will be ordered and should arrive in 7 to 10 business days.  Then I’ll schedule another appointment to have it installed.  It will have to be after Christmas because ain’t no way Marti is taking down all those decorations until after the holiday (and I know what’s good for me!).

For those that have asked, I do have glass coverage on my motorhome insurance policy.  Unfortunately, it has a $500 deductible, so I’ll have to pay almost half of the cost of replacement.  Glass coverage was one item we shopped for when we had to get new insurance in South Dakota and the $500 deductible was the best we could find. 

This will be the second windshield replacement in the Journey, our previous Winnebago Adventurer had three, my Element has had six.  I have a broken windshield jinx, I guess.  :cO

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  1. 11 window replacements? Next campfire we share, I want to hear the stories about how in the world you managed to have all of these happen especially six on the element. I am not even going to say we've never had one since it will for sure jinx me.

  2. Just be thankful it's been windows, not mirrors or you would really have a lifetime of bad luck on your hands.

  3. We've had one window replaced on the motorhome and one on the Jeep. We have a small crack again in the motorhome. Eventually, we will get that take care of .. eventually. However, we have a separate glass coverage, called the right people I guess and had no deductible on it. It's also out of South Dakota. Go figure. Anyway, love the worker bees you have that's doing all the decorating.

  4. Lucky for you the Journey has a split windshield, our one piece one was about 3 grand.

  5. I'm with Marti. Once all the stuff is up, I'm not taking it down till New Years! :)

  6. As much driving as you two do, I can only imagine that you would have a lot of windshield repairs :)
    Looks like the boys (all 3!) are having fun decorating!

  7. Gotta love to hate insurance companies! They can be a real pain, but necessary.

  8. nice little or rather not so little anymore, Christmas helpers!!

  9. Let the holiday cheer begin! It doesn't feel like we're in December ... after yesterday's temps ... but it is going to get colder, so time to head out of dodge.

  10. Wow, you have a way of keeping the wind-shield folks in business. Kudos for helping that economy.
    In the ten years that we had our class A, I had one little stone chip that got sorted by a glass guy. Just lucky I guess.

  11. I wonder if there is a deductible on life insurance. I hate insurance companies. Glad to see you got a few bucks out of them.

  12. so far so good with all the windows here..hope I i didn't jinx myself with that statement...definitely looking like Christmas in your coach..same here and we're not moving till after the new year..too much trouble to take it all down..