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Sunday, December 2, 2012

And To Think We Came Here To Relax

Yet we’re running around already.  With two active grandsons, it’s hard to stay still.

We set up in our campsite, I was even able to connect to the satellite TV signal with the roof dome.  I love leafless trees, I might even hug a couple. ;c)


Last January when we were in Arizona, we promised Owie we’d bring him some cactus jelly.  Of course we stupidly didn’t buy any in Arizona.  We finally found some…in Mississippi!  Owie didn’t care what state it came from, he enjoyed it by the spoonful.



In no time, we were out geocaching.  The boys love this as much as Mimi Marti does.  We looked for a real tricky one.  It took lots of wandering around and head scratching.


Even some fence climbing.


Eventually, the cache was found.  Not only was it hard to find, it was camouflaged, too.  That almost isn’t fair.


The boys signed their John Hancocks and we were off to the next geocache.



We ran out of time trying to find the second  one.  No worries, we’re here for about six weeks, so that should be plenty of time to find that one.


Our trip down here was nice, with one small, but expensive, hiccup.


The Journey’s driver’s side windshield cracked.  This is one infamous problem that affects many Winnebagos.  The steel frame that surrounds the windshield is not treated correctly at the factory and over time, rust forms, expands against the glass and then cracks it.

Here is a picture of some windshield frame rust that I took back in 2010 when I had to have the passenger side windshield replaced as an example.


I’ll have to get the windshield replaced, but there is no rush.  Unlike Virginia where we used to live, South Dakota does not have annual vehicle inspections, so I can get it fixed when it is most convenient for us.

If you’re interested, you can see what was involved in replacing the Journey’s  windshield in 2010 here.

Tomorrow, off to Camping World to get our broken awning motor replaced.  So much for taking it easy!

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  1. Ouch! Here I thought a dead oven was expensive. Hope your hiccup is covered by something or other :)

  2. One thing about those youngns, the'll keep you running or at least in shape!!!

  3. Cactus jelly in Mississippi?? Sounds like gulf coast shrimp in Chicago to me! :)

  4. I'm thinking the words slow down are not in your vocabulary. Have fun anyway.

  5. I want to see the picture of you hugging the treeless site!

    Oh Paul, now I have to worry about Winnona's windshield? Or is this just on Journeys? Or rigs newer than 2004? Or say Winnebago covers it since it's their mistake or your insurance company will.

  6. I love it that the grandsons are learning to geocache with Marti. Bet they're loving having you guys around! Dang, hope the windshield is covered under insurance and you have a decent deductible.

  7. Ouch --- at twice in two years that's a budget buster. You've got some budding geo-cachers there ... nice when you can find something like that takes everyone outdoors to enjoy Mother Nature.

  8. I always worry about our big front windshield. It looks like the last guys did a good job on your windshield...

    You may have motivated me to go geo-caching today.

  9. I know what you mean about grandsons ~ we have 6 year old twin grands and they can tire us out in no time... We have not taken them geochaching but it sounds like something to keep us busy. We've had a few windows replaced on our Itasca too ~ we have had her now 7 years...
    Have fun

  10. The little ones sure can keep you busy. At least they're keeping you out of trouble too. You're even learning new skills together.

  11. Even when you aren't rolling, you move at light speed! Geo-caching seems like a great activity to keep the grands busy. We did a bit with a couple of our grands a few years back and they enjoyed it. Might be fun to get back in it.

  12. That sure looks like fun for the grandsons. Too bad about the windshield but at least you don't have to get it fixed right away.

  13. Just tell your grandkids to keep their eyes ripped. We have no doubt you'll find that second geocache. :-)

  14. We have a couple of cracks in our windshield that Ron stopped with some kit from an auto parts place. Unless it gets in your way, you could just wait until you get more. And you will.