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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Marching On

It broke our hearts, but we had to say goodbye to all the Northern granddaughters and head South to our South Carolina “home”.  A short jaunt, only 750 miles. 



No, we didn’t do it all in one day (Phew!), we actually broke it up into three whole days.  Yes, we are learning to slow down, although two of three days we covered 300 miles each.

A typical drive, we left New Jersey and timed it perfectly to get caught in the Washington, DC area commuter traffic.  You’d think I’d have learned after living in the area almost 14 years.

The only interesting thing we saw on our first day was this car carrier that passed us carrying unusual cars.


Can you guess what kind of cars these were?


It was a trailer load of Google Earth street cars.  I took their picture before they took mine.  ;c)  (PS:  They’re Subarus)

We spent a couple of hours at a walking pace getting around the Capitol Beltway (I-495) and I-95 South.  We did a blacktop boondocking night at a Flying J in Virginia and woke to frost covered windshields.  We got going pretty quickly heading South.  Enough of that!

We pulled into the Bass Lake Campground in Dillon, SC for an overnight.  Along with it being a Passport America CG, there was an added bonus.


We parked next to our good friends Mike and Terry


They have become special friends of ours, we first met them at the 2010 RV Dreams Rally when we both were going down the same path to full timing.  They hit the road almost a year before we did and were such an encouragement to us as we had a few frustrating months trying to sell our house.

We had a great visit and look forward to seeing them again soon.  It’s amazing how when we lived in a stix-n-brix, we hardly knew many of the neighbors, now that we are full timers, we have such great friends from all over North America.  :c)

One special birthday wish goes out to my Dad, Mel Dahl, who turns 91 tomorrow, December 2nd.  Someday he’ll actually retire and maybe then I can keep up with him.  ;c)


We’re here in Irmo, South Carolina (NW of Columbia) at the Woodsmoke Family Campground the whole month of December and probably a couple weeks into January, visiting the grandsons, Andrew and Owie.  If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by!

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  1. happy birthday to your Dad!!! may he have many more!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad!

    Mike and Terry look usual :) I think the friendships we've made on the road are one of the things that makes this life so special. Who knew there were so many great, nice people out there???

  3. Our first year has just ended and we treasure our new found friends. Some we have seen more than my 10 year neighbors in the S&B

  4. Happy Birthday, Dad! Who knows one of these days he might even buy his own RV and follow you down the road.

    We certainly know lots more people now that we did on our block too.

  5. Tich tich!! Are you taking those pictures while you're driving? If you are, you may end up as a "THE END" picture. ;)

    Birthday cheers to Mel!

    1. Judy,

      I had the motorhome on cruise control and was just going to walk back to the kitchen and make a sandwich...

  6. Happy birthday to your dad!

    Visiting with you guys was the highlight of our stay here at Dillon. Can't wait until we meet up again!

  7. We want to thank you for bringing the warm weather with you;o))

    Glad to see you got to spend time with Mike and Terry!!!

    The friendships and memories make this lifestyle special:o))))

  8. Glad to see Mike and Terri and your dad looking so well. Happy 91st to him! He's amazing!! I want to grow up to be just like him.
    Nice being on opposite ends of the state with you. Actually it's only about 166 miles, you could come by for the afternoon. ":-)) Love to see you two.

  9. At least your pointed in the right Were in the same boat though, won't be as far south as we'd like to be this year either.

  10. Your Dad looks fantastic! Wow, you guys are staying a long time in one place, way to go :) We'll be doing the same in a little less than a month!

  11. Happy 91st Birthday to your Dad! I think he just gave me the secret to the Fountain of Youth - it's pie!!

    I like his style and I will follow his example!

  12. Yep, I think we can agree - you have the cutest girl babies and we have the cutest boy baby. :-D

    Happy Birthday to your Dad! He looks great.

  13. You are so blessed to have your dad around at 91. I lost mine when he was 82 and miss him terribly-still. AND congrats on a leisurely return to S.C. (except for D.C.)