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Friday, December 7, 2012

Keeping Busy

Now that the Journey is all decorated for Christmas, both inside and out, you’d think we would be able to sit back and enjoy being still for a bit.  That’s not the case.


With two active grandsons, they’ve been keeping us busy.  We’ve done lots of things with them already.  One thing they really enjoy is riding bikes after school, to get some of that energy burned off that they kept cooped up all day.  Andrew tried out my folding Dahon bike, he’d never ridden one with gears before.


He likes it so much, I’m not sure I’ll get it back from him.  Owie wants to know when he’ll be big enough to ride it.


We got a chance to visit Owie’s classroom at school.  He was the student of the week and he gets to invite somebody special to come in and read a book he picked out to his class.


Mimi Marti was his first choice.  She loved doing it for him.


And then later Marti got to do her favorite activity, snuggling with her little Owie.


Me?  I’m just trying to keep up.


Today I got to spend most of the day at the Veterans Administration (VA) hospital for a preliminary, baseline health assessment.  A few vials of blood, some poking, prodding and a whole bunch of X-Rays later, I  was told it would take some time to get an examination for disability compensation, there are about 1700 people in front of me.

At least I’m on the books now, just have to wait my turn.  The wheels of government do turn slowly, except at tax time.  ;c) 

No matter what, if I am awarded something on my claim, it will be retroactive back to my retirement date of 1 September 2011.  I’ve got nothing better to do than enjoy every day of our full time life, so whenever something finally works out, it’s fine with me.

Now, on to Christmas shopping. :cO

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  1. Those retro payments are great, good luck with your claim!

  2. Good luck with that claim! I guess all wheels turn slowly (well some of them!) :-)

  3. I got tired just reading your post!

  4. How sweet that Owie chose Marti to read to his class. That's quite an honor.

  5. I love those Santa hats that folks put on the mirrors. When we go down to DHS everyone has their rigs all spiffed up, it is so much fun. Marti is a truly wonderful grandma! We have been traveling and I lost track of some things....aka...disability? Now am trying to go back and figure out what I missed! take care.

  6. What a honor for Marti to read to Owie's class! Being a grandparent is an amazing treat! :)

  7. Hey Paul, if your claim is for a mental disability just think of all the bloggers you can call on to verify your situation!! Paul? He drives like a crazy man!

    What a great feeling for Marti to have Owie choose her for his special day at school. Very nice.

  8. Perhaps they'll have a treatment to permanently rid you of PDD :-)))

  9. You are only number 1701?? I'm sure they'll get it worked out for you in the next ten years or so.

    Great picture of the snugglers. I'll bet Mimi Marti is a great reader.

  10. If you wait long enough for those retro payments, you might be able to even buy a brand new Journey.

  11. Have to agree with Rick on this one. :)

  12. The rig looks great! The decor wouldn't last long with the wind here in OKC Have fun with the kiddos as I'm sure you guys are.

  13. looking very festive :)...nothing like snuggle time!!! hope you get retro and you move up the waiting list quickly....