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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bull’s Eye! But It’s Not What You’d Think

The saga continues.  The custom pipe builder could not make the pipe that he said he could.  Even if he could, he doesn’t have the size pipe I need in stock.  So now it’s in the hands of the custom hot rod builder who has the pipe but no way to expand the end of the pipe to slip over the existing pipe.  He ordered a special clamp to connect the old and new pipe together, so tomorrow I’ll check to see if it has arrived.

In the mean time, I drove to the RV dealer who is going to look at the inverter on Thursday, just so I know where he is located.  I introduced myself and we chatted a bit about inverter replacements.  He’s done quite a few and was surprised when I told him Winnebago has a direct replacement for the unit I have, a direct bolt in.  He said he’s never seen one that didn’t require rewiring and would love to know about this new unit. 

We’ll have to see what the warranty company says about the whole deal.

Just a word about my extended warranty.  I chose to purchase one when I bought my Journey.  It was expensive, but it covers me for 7 years/100K miles for a cost of $3.44 a month.  I thought it was a good deal and over the years I’ve more than made back my money on repairs.  This inverter replacement will put me way over the top.  It’s worked for me, just a few hoops to jump through with the warranty company to comply with their requirements.  I plan on renewing when it runs out next year.

So it wasn’t the kind of Bull’s Eye I was looking for.  But tonight, I saw quite a few Bull’s Eyes.  Taylor and  Kierra belong to an archery club and practice twice a week.  They love sending their arrows down range into targets.


Kierra does well. but Taylor is the family “Robin Hood”.



Not too shabby for an eight year old young lady!


The green feathered arrow on the right was a “helper” shot from Kierra.  :c)

Of course, little Rebekah was there to cheer her big sisters on.


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  1. Wow! I have seen extended warranties quoted to me and have never seen one for 3.44 a month. I assume that is for the seven years. That comes to 288.96 total! No one one would pass that up:) When I got the new 2012 View I was offered a five year warranty for just under three grand. Can I assume that was a misquote:)

    1. Oops! You're right. My fat fingers dropped a zero, it should read $30.44 a month, for a total of $2556.97 (before tax).

      At $3.44 a month, I would have bought two policies! ;c)

  2. I'd buy one at that price in a minute. Maybe I should get a quote from your company. Archery at such a young age what a good hand to eye coordination game. Those girls are SO cute!

  3. That's pretty good shooting by your granddaughter's Paul. In fact, they are so good I'll bet your tempted to put an apple on your head and let them have a go at it just to prove how good they are - video that for us will ya!!

    Your warranty cost of $3.44 a month seems to be missing a few digits but if not what's the name of it???

  4. If the warranty company is not cooperative, you just might send them the photo of Taylor and her target to get them to come around;o)) Hope everything goes smoothly. Those granddaughters are just precious!!!

  5. I love the idea of the girls learning to shoot with a bow and arrow. It's a badge for Cub Scouts but I've always thought it would be fun for girls as well. Our daughter-in-law is very proficient with her bow.

  6. Good job Taylor- Hope the repairs go quickly- if not more time with those lovely grandchildren :).

  7. I used one of those clamps on the old Beaver I had. Worked great, just be sure to tighten it up really tight. The shops use an impact wrench to tighten them.


  8. That certainly is a cheap warranty. I wonder if they'll even let you extend. They probably have added a lot of red ink to your contract. Good luck with that one!

  9. Oops, wondered if that warranty quote was a bit off. They aren't cheap, but more than pay for themselves over time.

  10. Less than 4$ a month! wow..... That is amazing. I'd renew also, if I were you.

  11. Maybe Taylor thought that zero was a bull's eye and shot it right off the blog! :)