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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Still No Progress

It’s not fun being stuck in neutral.  Or having to rely on other businesses to help you out.

I ordered the exhaust pipe clamp to repair the Journey’s exhaust back on Monday.  It was supposed to be in yesterday.  Seems the Ohio warehouse that sent it out, sent it to Colorado.  Okay, things can happen.

It was supposed to arrive today.  After checking the FedEx tracking number, it seems the part was never picked up in Colorado this morning.  A few more phone calls were made by the business owner and it is supposed to be in by noon tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

Since I’m not ready to rely on the clamp arriving tomorrow, I went to a NAPA auto parts store to see if they might have a clamp.  Nope, not in stock, but a NAPA store in a nearby town does have one and it should be here tomorrow morning.  I’m hedging my bets, and if I end up with two, so be it.  I’ve got to get this done, we want to be back on the road Sunday.

If neither clamp shows up, I’ll execute Plan B, I found a shop that will weld the new piece of exhaust pipe to the old one.  That will involve a couple of hours labor at over $100/hour, so the $13 clamp route is pretty attractive.

As to the inverter problem, because there was so much confusion about a rebuild, or a new replacement having to be rewired, possibly rendering the Journey unlivable, I decided to postpone that repair until we get back to South Carolina.  That way we’ll have three months to deal with the problem and if we need to vacate the Journey while the repair is ongoing, we can stay with our daughter.

The inverter function is not something we need because we very rarely ever boondock.  We almost always have full hook ups.  The times we need power (like overnighting at a Walmart) we can use the generator.  Thankfully, the battery charger circuits in the invertor work fine, so that buys us time.

To borrow a phrase from one of my good RV blogging friends:

‘Tis life on the road.  :c)

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  1. I wonder who you borrowed that phrase from? Don't use it too often as it seems that trouble kind of follows it.

    Sorry, for all the issues you're having. We really didn't send any of our problems your way. Not that we wouldn't have if we could but we didn't. Our fingers and toes are crossed that you'll get your part tomorrow. (PS I lied about the toes.)

  2. Most times, we can't control what happens in life...but we can control how we choose to react to it. You've sure had more than your share of issues, but you always just figure it out and move forward:o)) Here's hoping the clamp arrives on time!!

  3. Yeah, what Nancy & Bill said! You do have that 'peace' about life's issues :)

  4. Fingers crossed that your clamp comes in today!

  5. You are handling these issues very rationally, sanely and with great patience, Paul. You just keep taking your meds and this too shall pass.

  6. It's never simple. But hey, if you're smart enough to have the RV in the first place, you'd best be able to sort out how to keep it on the road. That's the theory, anyway.
    So keep plugging away.
    I'm just a little mystified by the Colorado thing? Apparently literacy skills aren't all that necessary for shipping?

  7. If the universe is trying to teach you a lesson in patience with all this waiting, I think it's unnecessary. You have it by the ton. Really hoping for that clamp tomorrow!